JessComp:The Woman in Water

Story for jess competition


1. The Women

Jess looks at herself in the water before her reflection is gone replaced by a woman.Jess turns her head then glances back to see no one.Whose reflection was it she wondered.Jess looked back at the water the woman was still there.

"Who is it"Jess asked shaking with fear.

"I am Ariel also knows as the women of the water"the woman whispered.

"What are you here for"Jess asked.

"I am here for a mission do you want to know what"the women moaned.

"Yes"Jess replied.

"To bring you back to our world"The women exclaimed.

"No"Jess shouted opening the drain hole.

"Yes"the women shouted pulling Jess hand into the water and dragging her in.Jess screamed and kicked but it was too late she was sinking into the water.Jess took a last glance at the water before darkness surrounded her.

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