Lucky (Hunger Games Fan Fiction)

It is time for the 100th Annual Hunger Games.
May the Odds Be Ever in your Favour.


1. 'Ladies First!'


I wake up that morning, in a cold sweat, as soon as I realise the day. It is the day of the Reaping. The day the two tributes are announced to compete in the Games. Ha, calling it the games. If you can call killing people a game, you need your head testing. Then again, the people of the Capitol and far from normal, with their clownish hair, silvery teeth and skin and odd accents. Their presence gives me the chills at every reaping, and I don't really know why.

Mother has laid out my dress for the event, a nice pale yellow dress that she spent weeks on, carefully stitched together at the seams, and my sister Kat's is beside it, a lavender coloured number almost identical to mine.

My mother told me that my sister was named after a 'winner' from our District (12) Katniss Everdeen, who 'won' the 74th annual games. Note the ' ' because she won with another boy, Peeta. It was so sweet, they were the only 2 remaining but they didn't want to kill each other so they were going to top themselves with berries. But then one of the Capitol leaders announced they were both winners; but Peeta and Katniss had shown them up- and gotten the better of the Capitol. At least that's what Mother tells me anyway.

I am named after, well nobody, I don't think. My name is just Lucky; Mother thought it would come in useful during the Reaping. She works as a psychic in the streets, and believes that with a name like mine, I will never be chosen. I believe her.

The colours of our dresses are so pretty, it almost feels like a celebration; well, I know Beattie Loveheart (the escort for the 100th Hunger Games this year) treats it as one and that disgusts me. As though we should be elated to be  chosen to kill or be killed. Oh yes, I can't hold back my excitement.

I change into my new dress and Kat does as well, and Mother says how lovely we look. We compliment her as well, in her long white dress from last years Reaping. She hasn't put on much weight since last year, so it still fits her and hangs nicely.

Mother hasn't put on much weight because we're not getting much money for the food. The people of our District don't believe in stuff my Mother does, like predictions, and they're even more wary of her, ever since she predicted that Fox Villar would be a tribute for the 98th Hunger Games- and was right. They believe she's an evil spirit, in some way connected to the Capitol citizens, the woman who chooses the tributes of the Games. I heard a man talking about her the other day, and I nearly shot him with my arrow.

So, we don't make much money off Mother's living.

We buy some bread off the baker across the road occasionally, when we do have the money, but usually I hunt in Treelork Woods down at the edge of our District. There's photos of District 12 from years ago, and it looks so different; it's now been refurbished and in replacement to the large field is the woods. I always keep one photo by my bedside; a picture of a strange field with an electric fence, with a young girl and a young boy sitting in it, holding hands. It looks so romantic, and rumour has it that it is Katniss Everdeen and her lover, Gole or Gale or someone.

"Kat!" I call from the top of the landing. She races up the stairs and grabs my hand, but I pull away and stay, fixed at the top of the stairs unable to move.

"What if they pick me?" I ask, my voice shaking.

"They won't pick you, Lucky. That's why Mother chose your name remember? Lucky, lucky, lucky. It won't be you. Your the luckiest person I know," she reassures me and kisses the top of my head. But my head is still filled with 'what if's?'

"Well...what if it's you?"

"If it's me?" Kat chuckles. "I'm named after Katniss Everdeen. You remember her story, don't you? She volunteered as tribute when her sister was chosen, and was rescued. If I am chosen, I'll win or I'll be rescued and I know that for sure. Don't you worry."

Kat is my older sister, and she holds my hand as we make our way out of the front door and down to Justice Building, still untouched from the beginning of the Games. Beattie Loveheart is stood in front of the great stone building, next to two great glass balls with the names of all the people eligible for this year's event. In one ball is the girl's names, and I know that is the one she will pick out of first. I begin to shake as images of her pulling out my name soar through my head.

Kat gives my hand a squeeze as we approach the long line snaking towards the desk at the front, which holds a knife, scanner and piece of paper. All the instruments they use to check our identity.

Kat kindly goes in front of me in the line and I smile at her gratefully. Mother is too old to take part in the Games, so she stands in the crowd, nibbling on her finger nails as she watches us step closer and closer to the front desk, where two Capitol citizens are sat with huge grins on their faces.

They scan Kat's blood and she walks off into the crowd. I am next.

"Hello, are you excited for this event?!" A young man with a blue quiff and silver teeth babbles to me. His lips are an astonishing shade  of yellow, his nails painted rainbow colours, and his voice gives me chills again. Of course, I'm not excited. How could I possibly be excited about an event which consists of killing people? He's so mad.

He's grinning manically as he pulls out the knife and keeps my hand still.

"Only a little prick..." he murmurs and stabs the knife into my finger. I grit my teeth and try not to scream as blood streams from my finger and he clutches it, stabs it onto the paper and scans. My blood turns blue for a second as the scanner detects my identity and he ushers me along.

"Perfect, that's fine, off you go! NEXT!"



Beattie Loveheart clears her throat as all the citizens gather in the centre of District 12, looking at each other in fear, all thinking the same thing. ''Will I be going to war with you?" 

Beattie clears her throat again at the front of the stage after the video that is played at every reaping is over, about the Peace and things that happened to District 13. She grins that chilling grin again, and I get the shivers as I prepare myself for what is to come. 

"Welcome!" Beattie trills in her odd accent at last, "it is time for the tributes to be chosen for the 100th Annual Hunger Games! A brave young woman and young man are soon to be chosen to represent District 12 in this prestigious event. Well," she walks over to the first glass ball, "Ladies First!"

She dips a long-nailed hand into it, and swirls her hand menacingly over the slips of paper, as though casting some sort of spell on it. She fishes her hand around for a moment, before bringing out a slip and holding it in the air with her forefinger and thumb. Grinning, she steps to the mike, unfolds and the crowd holds their breath in a mixture of fear and anticipation.

She looks at it for a moment, grinning and reads out the name in her accent that sends even more chills down my back, along with a unsavoury feeling of doom.

"Lucky Brenner."

It's me.





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