The Girl With And The Girl Without

Water. You see it everywhere, you use it, you waste it. Yet, you know, how precious it is.
The front cover and the trailer are both Chetna's work. Please support her in the competition! She has done so well and I am so proud. <3


1. The girl with the water.

The water licked her delicate figure, bathing her carefully. Swaying with the breeze, tropical leaves fell into the silky mixture, floating along like a bird. She sighed. Water filling her pores with the dreamy sensation that was relaxation. The cool water held her, massaging her muscles until they loosened. Long blonde hair streamed out behind her, tangling itself in the underwater vegetation.

 Her conscious told her to get up, to go, but her body protested and she spun around; her face buried in the safe heaven that was water. Opening her eyes, she resisted the sting and gazed at her surroundings.

Rubbery green tresses spouted up from the sea floor and twisted around her legs. She prised them away, smiling to herself. Tropical fish of all colours swam past, wriggling their little fins and blowing bubbles. Shells hidden in the sand, like buried treasure and small creatures scuttling past; waving claws about. Sunlight broke through the surface; a single ray lighting up the whole of this magical, underwater world.

Breathing in the salty liquid, she let her hands caress the plants. Rocks and coral were strewn about the place, like unwanted toys in a child’s bedroom. They were hard and cold, but attracted a thick layer of mossy substances that wriggled under her touch. Silent, was this secret kingdom; the clear water muffling the sounds. The taste of salt lingered on her tongue and, ignoring the outside world, she pushed herself further in, blowing out a string of bubbles.

This was her home, where she belonged, in the safe, welcoming arms of water.

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