A beautiful enchantress in a red gown

Its a beautiful love story between two persons, but unfortunately the other is unknown of her heart's secret and left her just giving her a title 'BEST FRIEND'


1. Chapter 1

A Beautiful Enchantress In A Red Gown



She, a beautiful lady in the mid of night, away from the city, with a bottle in hand, looked to be fully drunken was alone near a sea shore. Her clothes were looking like they have become against her, totally disturbed from their original position, one sandal in hand and the other on foot which also could not be able to stay there for a moment more and she threw it in the sea, making a sound splash; (Have you gone mad...) it ends its life, and the other began to weep for it’s fortune when she started to bath it with chilled wine in a chilled mid night. She made a great laugh which started to echo in the surrounding and the bottle fell from her hand, to catch it she also bent but lost her balance and fell down with the same mode as the wine. For sometimes there was a deep silence then she saw the bottle which was trembling here and there. She picked it up and when found not a bit of liquor she began to cry like a mad and suddenly not a moment had passed when she started to weep like a child. She gave all her efforts for crying, cried with pain, wept a lot but nobody was there to see her condition, to ask her” Why are you weeping" "Why are you crying" "Is there any problem" neither here nor there, she was totally alone. In a chilled night her tears were making the whole of the environment warm, it was enough that that if anybody was available there then his heart will surely melt and his drops will also be added in the warmth which was created there. Now she calms down but her light blue eyes were steady, perhaps she was thinking about her golden old age.


She an extraordinary minded, a very frank and cheerful girl, who was studying in a college. It was a fine day the sun was warm and the sky was clear, when her friends went to her home to call her for the college. She prepared her bag and made her ready for the college as usual as she did, but she was unknown that it was not a common day like all the days. It was a very special day for herself which totally changed her life.


She entered in the classroom, like all the days, once again she got the last bench as she was very late for the class so like all the days she thought of sitting alone, but what was that! Somebody called her

"Excuse me."

She turned” Yes"

He asked “Can I sit here?"

Oh what a guy!, she fell down in his dark blue eyes

(Once again)

"Oh please, I have got so late, if you don't mind, I want to sit here, will you shift, please?"

"o'ya...., please you can “she replied.

The class started with a fresh mood for a new chapter and all the students opened their books, she once saw her teacher, once her book and once at him, when she was caught up of noticing him then her wandering eyes start to see the book as they wanted to penetrate it.

When the class got over she told him "Oh! the class was so interesting, you know it's my favorite subject, chemistry".

He replied...” but I think perhaps you are wrong because it's was not a chemistry class"

Girl” What? I can’t understand"

Boy"O'ya actually it was of physics class and you was studying chemistry"

The girl with a hesitating voice"Oh sorry"

At this the boy gave a very beautiful smile on which now she became totally-totally flat.

When he stood up and got out of class she started to chase him, but when she was caught up of noticing him the boy said “You?"

The girl treating like she was unknown of his presence"Oh you, Sorry, I didn’t noticed you, if you live somewhere here?"

He replied” No, but I think that perhaps you live here"

Getting nervous she replied"O'yes....... sorry, no, no I don’t live here actually one of my friends live here I am just searching for her home."

Boy" You can make her a call"

She replied"O' yes, but I think that perhaps it's not a good time to call her, it may be that she is busy."


Girl" If you don't mind can’t we take a coffee together?"

 He replied frankly"Yes sure, but where? I don’t know any coffee shop."

Girl “I know a coffee shop, it’s famous for it’s coffee."

Boy" OK, let's go."

                                       (On the way)

 "My name is Lilly, and what’s yours......?" 

  He replied "I am Max. .........Max Jucker."

The girl" I have never seen you here in our college before?"

“Yes, I am strange for the city, actually I have some reason to come here and I got admission in this college. And what about you?”

"O h h.. . . ‘Please don't ask, I have spent my full life here, from childhood till today “She replied.

Making laugh he said “and what is your planning for your future, will you spent rest of your life here, Ha...Ha...”

Getting serious she replied "No” looking in his dark blue eyes once again she replied” No, I will go there where my fate will take me."

At this he also got serious as he could understand her feelings, and he was giving it a positive sense.

For sometimes both of them were silent then max started to sing something in a very light tone whose language was unknown for Lilly but she found it so melodious and she was enjoying it as she could understand it that what was he singing. Then they went in a coffee shop and made a lot of gossips about each other, about their family members, their friends, relatives, neighbors, about the city, about the country and a lot , it seem like now whole of the world was at their aim and they will finish their talk after finishing all the corners of it. Now it became their daily routine to meet each other, to talk with each other, to play, to sing, to laugh with each other. Time continued to pass with its usual speed and both of them, the two mads were unknown of it and also of the others around them.


One day in the evening Lilly received a call

"Hello, Lilly"

She replied “Yes Max"

He asked" Will you be my partner?"

She got shocked but only her heartbeat could explain the hidden happiness she asked curiously “Partner?"

"Yes he replied, actually I have to attend a party and only couples could get entry in this party, so I need a partner, will you be my partner?"

"Oh.. Dance partner “She replied. He said “Yes, dance partner, what were you thinking of"

"Nothing “She replied. Then she asked “What is the timing of the party?"

"Twelve “He replied.

She once again asked "At night?"

"Yes at night, If you have any problem then you can refuse me. And I have also to make a special talk with you."

"No, no problem. I will come .“She replied.

It was usual that she got some upset on hearing dance partner, but she was still so happy of having the imaginations of having dance with Max.And she was quite sure that he will propose her what happens if he did not express his feelings in a direct way but he told Lilly that he has to make a special talk with her, and what is more important between them at that time is now not hidden from Lilly.

She was so happy, made herself ready for the party and when she came out of her house to go with Max anybody could easily see the effect of her beauty in the wild eyes of Max."Oh! A BEAUTIFUL ENCHANTRESS IN A RED GOWN"

Lilly told"Max.Max."

He replied “Yes"

She told” We have already got so late, so I think we should go."

Max replied"O' ya, let’s go."

Both of them at the moment were looking towards each other, and whole of the world towards them, God had made them for each other.

In the party everyone’s eyes were getting steady upon them" Oh! what a couple" "What are looking" "See them “all were saying such type of compliments for them. And when Max caught her hand to dance with her, it seemed like the beauty of the whole world is now under their feet.

At last the party got over and Max went with her to drop her home" OK Bye Max" Lilly said.

Max called her "Listen Lilly, I have told you that I have to say something very special."

Her heart started beating, She was so happy of thinking the special talk about which she thought “I remember “She said.

Max;"Lilly as you know our college is over."

"Yes I know Max” She replied.

“So I have to return my home.“ He said.

Lilly got shocked “What?”

“Yes Lilly tomorrow my parents are arriving. They have some official work and after finishing it we will leave this beautiful city forever.”Adding a more line he told “And Lilly I have not told you about Daisy, she is my girlfriend and we have decided to marry the next month, I will invite you and you have to come.”

Lilly asked” Max you never told me about Daisy?

Max replied” Oh because I did not give it so importance that you should also know about Daisy. Oh now leave this matter I want to give you something. After handling an envelope he went away from there saying “Goodbye Lilly, I will never forget you”. After sometime when she came to the fact that she is Lilly and she is still alive she opened the envelope-It contained a beautiful picture of Max with Lilly in a beautiful moment and below the picture it was written “BEST FRIENDS”

Her beautiful eyes were filled with tears and whole of the picture bathed in it. She tore the picture and threw it away. She cried a lot, wept a lot. She lost all her patience. She was cheated by the person upon whom she believed the most, to whom she loved the most. She cried and cried but nobody came to give her support like the old days when Max was there.


(When she was busy thinking of these all things, somebody called her)


"Madam, madam ... are you OK?"

Lilly"Who, I said who…?"

A policeman," Madam, are you OK, it's not a good time to be outside of home in this chilly midnight, and otherwise you are a girl, are you not afraid of anything?"

Lilly trying to stand on her feet shouted upon him-"You stupid, who permitted you to advice me, go and do your duty."

Then she started to move towards the city with trembling feet and at that time she was singing something in a shivering tone whose language was unknown for the policeman...




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