Skye is the limit.

Story of a girl who loses her family and fights the troubled teenage life of looking after her last surviving family member, school and continuing on the family business alone.
A story of building trust, misfortune and general life decisions.


2. Skye - Reflection and Perception


The sound of the car screeching to a halt, seeing their bodies fly forward within this death-trap called a car; the noise of the metal crunching against the impact…No, No! Please no! I shot upright from my bed, breathless and sweating uncontrollably. The happenings of that night became more and more intense every night. I sat still staring at the far part of the room, fixing my eyes to the single crack on the wall in the corner – while trying to bring my heart beat back to normal.


            After a few moments, my breathing became even once more and I looked down at my hands calming myself down, for my hands were shaking. Slowly I pushed myself out of bed and moved across the room to the large calendar on my door. I pressed my hand against the door to balance myself as I looked at the paper, feeling my stomach twist and churn when I realised what the date was. It was November, 18th. A year now… 365 days of solitude… a year of being ‘independent’ as my father’s colleagues would say… What a load of Crap! I felt my legs shake before giving way, making me kneel pressing my body against the cool door. I pressed my forehead hard on the door fighting about the urge to sob; to cry now would be pointless. To reminisce those old emotions from then is useless now – they are gone and nothing can change that, nothing can bring them back; I had to learn that the hard way.


            I turned and sat on the floor facing the rest of my bedroom, staring into the darkness. My room was dark, almost gothic you could say. It could be said since the death of my parents I have turned to look at the darker side of life, how everything must end and in a way I have already given up on living; seeing as what was important to me to be cruelly snatched away before my very eyes. Angel… Yes I still had my sister, not all was taken away but in her state…I could say I have already lost her – mentally. I sighed before pushing myself up from the floor then opening my door entering into the main room of the suite.


            Since the night of the accident, I had lived alone moving from hotel to hotel every few months – all owned by my father, well was. Thankfully I was legally allowed to live alone and with dad being a proud hotel owner I was able to move often to hotels without any suspicion. Instead, managers of the buildings found it an honour to have the owner’s daughter to live within the hotel; this included special treatment of course, not that I wanted it though. I stayed in the penthouse of the hotel, being the biggest suite in the entire hotel – see what I mean about ‘special treatment’? The main room looked the total opposite to how my bedroom looked. For one, the living room and kitchen was clean and in order and white. And in the main room there was a small delicate arrangement of Marigolds, sitting on the coffee table in the living room- in full view from any angle of the room. Maids often didn’t bother coming in my room to clean it since I kept in such great condition, there was nothing for them to do. I guess when you live alone you develop certain habits – I guess mine was appearance of my suite, except for my room.


            But what teenager’s room was not a mess? I walked into the kitchen in a daze, still in deep thought about my dream. The coffee maker beeped loudly at me signalling that the coffee was ready for me to pour out, thank god for coffee. Another habit I think I have developed, drinking coffee before the accident I didn’t even like the stuff and now I practically live off it! I pour the liquid into a mug, and then strolled into the living room sipping it. The main thing I loved about this suite was the large window facing out, giving a view of the city. For hours I could lose myself in thought staring at the landscape of the skyscrapers and all the people wandering by.  Plus I loved watching the sky, watching it turn from the light blue to the amber and orange to darkness; Ironic I guess how I love watching the sky, considering it’s my name, Skye. My mother always used to tell me that she loved watching the sky so much like me, loving how the natural colours captured your soul and fill you with emotion that were indescribable. Oh how I had missed her. She was a painter, the creative parent out of my mother and father. She had always encouraged me in being as creative as possible in what ever way possible – as I did but in a different manner than her. She was able to show her ability through images and paintings, but I could though by writing. Then my father was a powerful demanding man, but not like those kinds of men that were power hungry and would do anything to get it. He was intelligent and kind to all his people that worked for him – everyone loved him and looked up to him. For now, his business was being run by my loving uncle, my father’s brother. But soon I will be put in the position in choosing weather I continue my dad’s work or not – once I become of age of course.          


            It felt as if remembering them brought me heartache, they were such good people and they didn’t deserve to die so young. I looked over at the bookcase, pretty bare for a book case; mainly held old photos of when our family were together on old holidays and day trips. How I looked then, is different to how I am now. Back then I had naturally light brown hair, flowing down to my waist; clear skin without make up and soft blue eyes that shone brightly as I smiled. Now, my hair was cropped just below my ear lobes and spiked outwards. I also had a heavy fringe that covered most of my right eye, plus my hair was very dark now not quite black but close enough to it.


            The door bell rang, making me snap out of my daze. I walked over to the door and opened it slowly. Standing there was the hotel manager holding a pile of paper work, looking at me with his fake smile. “Ah, Skye you’re awake. Good. I was hoping you could sign a few forms before you go off to your new school” he said quickly then breathing deeply as if he was afraid of me. I opened the door further, wide enough for him to walk past, and nodded. “Okay, make it quick” I replied sharply.


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