Skye is the limit.

Story of a girl who loses her family and fights the troubled teenage life of looking after her last surviving family member, school and continuing on the family business alone.
A story of building trust, misfortune and general life decisions.


6. Skye - Procrastination



I never knew that English could be so boring at times, the number of times I had yawned was… well I actually don’t know how many times which was the thing that troubled me most. English was my best subject, but then again it was a topic I had already covered in my last school. I could coast for a little while since I know most of the answers Miss Harper will most likely throw at me in the next few lessons. I reached into my laptop bag and pulled out my schedule, art. Why did I choose art? I suck at it! This was true in some ways; I wasn’t that great at painting or creating beautiful images like most people could. Like my mother. It could be said that I had chose this class because of her, as my way of remembering her and showing her some respect. Plus it was like a ‘kick-back’ class for me, with this I wouldn’t have to study till my head exploded for a huge test, I could just let my emotions pour out onto a canvas- even if it looked like a child in kindergarden could do better.


While walking down the main corridor, I felt the sense of loneliness although it was in fact true. I didn’t know anybody here and I was walking around like a lost sheep. I searched the corridor, hoping someone was going to make an obvious gesture toward the art classroom. No such luck. Within minutes the hall way had cleared and all that was left was the deadly silence once more. I sighed inwardly, to hide my dismay. For some reason, when ever I was alone – it felt as if someone had a hold of my heart and squeezed it in their own hand, in hope to make is stop beating for that small second. Every time I had that feeling, I’d look around my person to see the culprit but find myself empty handed, no one there to be seen.


“Skye?” I turned to follow the voice and saw a short stout man, standing half way down the corridor from where I was standing myself. “You seem lost my dear” He spoke again, striding towards me. I nodded, but didn’t dare speak. “It’s alright my child. My name is Mr Jerkins. I am the Head master of this school” he smiled. I bowed slightly to him, without taking my eyes off of his face. “No need to bow Skye” he smiled again, “I was in fact on my way to meet you, the receptionist from the administration office forget to give you these papers” he extended the papers to me as he spoke in a soft tone. I looked at the papers and smiled; a map of the school, my new locker number with its code and a list of books for the semester. I looked up at him once more “Thank you sir, this really helps”. He nodded slightly “well you better get off to class, if you have any trouble don’t hesitate to come to me” then turned and strolled away.


I peered down at the locker number; I was already late so why rush now?




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