Skye is the limit.

Story of a girl who loses her family and fights the troubled teenage life of looking after her last surviving family member, school and continuing on the family business alone.
A story of building trust, misfortune and general life decisions.


5. Skye - Embarrassment central


God I am such an idiot, I really need to pay attention in future instead of staring at my surroundings then ending up slamming into someone. Like that boy. I thought back to mere moments before, where I was sprawled across the ground. Clutching to my head for dear life, trying to hide my face from the person I had just hit, out of embarrassment. As soon as he had asked me if I was okay, I had snapped at him! Why did I do that? Someone showing general concern and I had thrown it back in their face. I am such a horrible person. I shook my head then pursued onwards towards the public school that I would be soon attending.


Once arriving to the large building, I had realised how much I had actually missed being at school. Well now, that is just depressing admitting that, even if it was only admitting it to me. I stared up at the tall building in awe; it wasn’t like my old school at all. It looked old, classic- looking however being modern too. I then looked around at the other students heading towards the school; it was obvious that they were not as fascinated in the stone structure as I was; instead they walked towards it laughing and chatting happily. I sucked in a deep breath before strolling up to the school’s main entrance.


I instantly felt the other student’s eyes gaze upon me; it felt horrible and made me feel anxious also. I hate having so much attention but unfortunately I will always capture people’s eye. From students and adults alike; adults mainly due to my father and being constantly asked if I will stand in my father’s place once I become of age. Then students, purely because I am always the new kid, third time this year now but the others didn’t last that long; back then I didn’t plan on staying until now. This time I am here to stay, for Angel. Her condition has not improved since the accident making her being bumped from hospital to hospital in hope of a cure or a treatment that would help, no such luck yet. In doing this, I am always following her in the closest proximity as possible. I pressed my lips together, while trying to ignore the other pupil’s stares as I walked through the main entrance to the school and towards the administration office.




I looked down at my new class schedule before heading off for class, I sighed as I realised how bored I will feel and how boring I will seem.


1st period     – English literature

2nd period    – Art

3rd period    – History

4th period    – Spanish


5th period    – Music

6th period    – Mathematics


Well, it is official. I am going to die at this school, I am probably so far behind that I will fail my final exams for this semester then will be put back a year. I sighed in disgust with myself, how people find me intelligent is beyond me!


I looked around in the main foyer to the school, some students were still hanging around, the first bell hadn’t ringed yet. I looked down at the schedule once more, room 32 now what are the chances of my finding it on time? I looked up, hoping that I would be able to spot someone I could just follow to the room, chancing my luck. “Excuse me? Are you lost?” I turned to see a guy standing behind me, wearing a kind smile. I stepped back as I gasped realising it was the guy I had bumped into earlier. “I… um….” I stuttered, feeling my cheeks redden. “Hi to you too” He smiled, while extending his hand out to me “Would you mind in showing me your schedule, so I can help you find your class?” He asked sweetly. I nodded while handing him the piece of paper, feeling this fingers brush against me making me blush harder. I quickly looked away hiding my face and my embarrassment, why am I like this around him? I don’t even know him! Then I heard him softly laugh, was he making fun of me? “Well you have the same class as me so you can just follow me” he said softly, I turned to look at him as I took the paper back, I saw him smile at me again. God he smiles too much… but... he is pretty cute in a way. I nodded slowly, “Okay, lead the way”.


Moments later, the bell rang making me jump so high I thought I was mere inches from the ceiling. Once again he laughed; I glared at him then started laughing myself. “Sorry a little jumpy, first day and all” I said quietly as I brush back my fringe with my finger tips. Afterwards, I began to follow the guy towards the English room. I didn’t understand why I had to justify myself to a complete stranger, it wasn’t like me to either, I normally just nodded and kept quiet to myself. I fell silent for the rest of the journey to the classroom, daring not to look up especially as I felt people’s stares on me. Why does moving schools have to bring me so much attention, God I hate it!


Once we had arrived to the classroom, I noticed that a lot of the students had already turned up for the lesson, late on my first day? Great… I sighed. I looked up to see the boy turn gracefully towards to with a huge, kind grin on his face. “Don’t be worried, Okay? They won’t bite you and our teacher is always late to class, it’s almost impossible to get a tardy in English” he winked then strolled into the classroom. I remained on the same spot just staring after him, why was he being so nice to me? He didn’t even know who I was, but then again no one my age would know who I am to be honest. I went to take a step into the room till I heard someone call my name. “Miss McKenzie I presume?” I turned to see a smartly dressed woman, much taller than I was. Her hair was scraped back into a high ponytail, showing a lot of her face. Her high cheekbones and small button nose, for a teacher I had to admit; she was very pretty. She smiled and extended a hand to me, “I’m Miss Harper, I’ll be your English teacher starting today” she spoke in a high voice. I took her hand softly then let go, “Nice to meet you” I replied, politely.


She then beckoned me to move into the classroom, as I did so I noticed that the room was once loud from the chatter but as soon as I had taken a step into the room it fell deadly silent. I looked at them then looked down at the floor in embarrassment. Confronting strangers like this wasn’t my ‘forte’, so do speak. “Class, this is Miss McKenzie. She will be joining this class from this day forward and I hope you will all welcome her with open arms” the teacher spoke as if she was in a press conference to the nation. I remained silent through her speech, feeling my cheeks slowly turning red once again. “Take a seat Miss McKenzie” she softly said to while walking to her own desk that sat in front of the class room facing the rest of the students. I looked up and scoped the room, hoping to find a place I could sit. I had isolated two spots; one was roughly in the middle of the room, nicely fitted between the door and good view of the white board at the front of the room. However was surrounded by some girls that looked like hungry sharks, waiting to snatch me up and tear me limb from limb. I shuddered. So instead I walked up to the back of the room, sitting in the middle row between a girl who looked as if she could cry at any moment and a guy who was no doubt, a jock.


I sat down in silence, knowing that the other student’s eyes had followed me right down to the point that I had sat down. I sighed. Another semester of being an outcast, oh the joy of it, I thought to myself. “Well now that is done, we shall continue on with reading the play. Ah, lucky for you Miss McKenzie I have a spare book for you to use” she said as she walked up the aisle and handing me a book. Romeo and Juliet, I pressed my lips together. I had studied this play in my last school, what a waste of my time. “By that expression I am guessing you have studied this before?” Miss Harper asked as if she was hurt by the fact that I had. “No I haven’t” I lied; I hated upsetting people even if I didn’t formally know her, yet. “Well let’s get reading!” she smiled, attempting to make reading more enjoyable than it actually was. 

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