Skye is the limit.

Story of a girl who loses her family and fights the troubled teenage life of looking after her last surviving family member, school and continuing on the family business alone.
A story of building trust, misfortune and general life decisions.


3. Skye - Day one of hell



I stood in the mirror, checking over my outfit. Thankfully this school didn’t have a dress code and I was able to wear what I wanted. I wore one of my favourite outfits, it looked casual no one would be able to guess I was a ‘rich kid’. This outfit consisted of a plain white t-shirt, which was underneath a tight waist coat, then my long skinny jeans and my black converse. I loved how the waist coat defined how my waist curved inwards and how the jeans showed the shape of my hips and thighs. I spiked the ends of my hair outwards, then leaning forward letting my hair flop over my head and tangled my fingers in my hair to mess it up before flick my head up again. Few minutes later, I had finished my make up and walked out into the living room again – checking over the room once more before heading to the front door, picking up my laptop bag, decorated with white little stars on a black back drop, that laid beside my skull decorated skateboard. I stood there, deciding weather to take it with me or not then picking up before heading out the door.


By the time the elevator had reached down to the ground floor, it was crowded with people checking in and out the hotel and some people just mingling and chatting in the foyer. I kept my head down as I walked through the foyer towards the main entrance till I suddenly felt a hand grab my shoulder. I turned to see the doorman, smiling down at me. “Oh hello Jason” I smiled, he was one of the few people I actually liked in this hotel he was sweet and caring – not in a creepy way. “Miss McKenzie, you weren’t thinking of leaving without saying goodbye to me now were you?” he joked. “Of course not I just, well I forgot” I said shyly and blushed slightly embarrassed. “Don’t you worry dear, I’ll see you later have a good first day” He smiled and patted my shoulder softly. “Thank you, tell Carlson I have gone will you, I can’t be bothered to listen to his lectures right now” I called behind me as I walked out the main door, “I’ll tell the manager” I heard him call back before I turned the corner and jumped onto my skate board. 

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