Skye is the limit.

Story of a girl who loses her family and fights the troubled teenage life of looking after her last surviving family member, school and continuing on the family business alone.
A story of building trust, misfortune and general life decisions.


4. Declan - Angels walk among us


Why did walking to school have to be such a drag? I mean it’s so boring! I can’t wait to get my car out of the shop, I just wish I didn’t lend it to my bro, I knew I couldn’t trust him with it, note to self never give him anything that’s mine again. I sighed and trudged on along the path, trying to distract myself from this long, tedious journey to school. Few moments later, my cell phone bleeped. I reached into my back pack and took out the phone and looked down at it, a text from James.


“Oi, Dec! Where R U man?? I thought we were going into school early for practice!”


I snapped the phone shut and cursed under my breath, I totally forgot! Some captain I am! Well no point in rushing now, I had already missed it may as well just go into school as normal then get shouted at later by the coach. I really hated James too; he was the classic ‘jock’ stereotype. He was arrogant, mean, a bully and so ‘up him-self’ it was untrue. His joy was purely to cause harm and terror to other kids in our school, more than one occasion he shouted at me for not joining him. You are not like that…Always, remember that.


Then suddenly something slammed into me from behind making my body jerk forward. I stood still for a moment before turning around to have a go at the guy who was so stupid to look where he was going. Till then I saw a small girl sitting on the ground with a long black skateboard lying beside her. The anger soon faded and I was calm again. Slowly I knelt down in front of her, as if I was about pick up a stray dog. She was holding her head, shaking uncontrollably, was she crying? I really hope not!!  “Are you okay?” I asked softly, reaching my hand out towards her hand to where she was holding her head. Then her head snapped up, looking straight into my eyes, her eyes were so blue they were like ice piercing my very soul. “I’m fine” she snapped, standing onto her feet, grabbing the skateboard in her hand. I looked up at her gobsmacked, as if she had just slapped me right across the face. She just stared down at me, her expression was unreadable; she then nodded “Sorry for slamming into you, lost control you know” lifting her skateboard as she spoke.


I stood back onto my feet, staring at her speechless as if her eyes had a magical spell over my body. I nodded slowly “Well, that’s okay. Sorry for being in your way and all” I joked, smirking slightly. She did a slight nod then pushed past me before jumping back onto the skateboard and raced off into the street, weaving gracefully in and out of people’s way. Wow… Who is she?

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