The oak

as victoria and her brother trevor find an old book shelf they discover a world with mystical and terrible creatures.


3. Chapter3

Trevor and Victoria both heard the ecoes of their footsteps as the walked slowly through the tunnel. It seemed as if it was getting smaller and smaller. Soon Trevor had to crouch down on his knees. "Light!" screamed Victoria. "What?" said Trevor totally confused by what his sister seemed to be seeing but what he couldn't. Victoria ran ahead leaving trevor not so close behind. The tunnel began to get a little bigger so trevor stood up and shook his hair. "wait for me!"

Trevor kept running until he realised he was running in circles. He took a breath to let the constant panting have a break. He put his hands on his knees and mumbled. "Trevor!" he heard the beloved voice of his little sister. Victoria suddenly appeard out of nowhere. "where have you been? the exit to this tunnel is down here." Victoria pointed to a small hole where half of her body was. Trevor pushed her in then followed. Trevor walked down a steep hill until something held his foot tight. He could feel it tugging, pulling, soon it pulled harder and he fell. It let go and he went sliding down the hill until he was sliding beside his sister. "This is delightfully fun!" he screamed until he was infront of his sister but close to a wall. Trevor covered his eyes as he went flying into it. To his surprise it wasn't made of bricks after all, but complete sponge. Trevor carried on sliding until he stopped. Afew seconds after his sister stopped.

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