The oak

as victoria and her brother trevor find an old book shelf they discover a world with mystical and terrible creatures.


2. Chapter2

Trevor grabbed his sisters hand and pushed her out the way. "It has not to be broken do you hear me? If we break it then we might get into trouble" said Trevor angrily. "But dad told us to look for-" Trevor put his hand to her mouth. "Wh-Wh-Wh-What was that?" Trevor whispered. "what was what?" said Victoria. "Shhh be quiet!" he hissed. They stepped closer towards the glass. Both Trevor and victoria put their ears upon the glass. Trevor jumped as he heard an ecoe of a loud thump. Trevor grabbed the stone, threw it towards the glass, pulled Victoria and jumped to see the glass shatter into thousands of little spikes. Trevor put his hand over his mouth. "You smashed it?" said Victoria. "I'm so sorry Vicky!" cried Trevor. "No don't be now I can explore." Trevor smiled and followed his sister through the large tunnel where the glass once blocked.



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