The oak

as victoria and her brother trevor find an old book shelf they discover a world with mystical and terrible creatures.


5. Chapter 5

Trever and Victoria passed the door-way and entered the land they had never seen before. As they walked through a forrest of dafodills, they stumbled into a large tree stump in the shape of a foot. "Who just woke me from my pleasant slumber?" As a small but low voice spoke, Victoria paused in her steps and gazed up. She saw that this large tree stump foot belonged to a masive creature. The creature held out its hand. "The names algantis, My type is a beech tree." Algantis smiled and shook victorias hand. "Wow! your hands are-are-are...." "Giant? I know. I used to be like you. But then sernovis cast a tree spell on me and i was changed into this large creature i am now" said the creature quite sadly. " Oh dear!" frowned Trevor. "well if you please, who is 'sernovis' may i ask?" interupted victoria. "Why, she is the wicked whitch that tries to take over this land. havn't you heard of her?" "Well im afraid not." replied Victoria. "Sorry to interupt but... We would like to get back home" said Trevor.

"Oh well i'm afraid you cannot Exit Here without seeing The great and powerful wizard!" "well then we shall go to see the wizard" smiled trevor. "Oh no! you can not go without the magic potion." Trevor paused and grabbed a small bottle with purple liquid in it. "Is this it?" he said with a suspicious look on his face. "Ugh..." hesitated algantis, "Well-well-well yes."

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