The oak

as victoria and her brother trevor find an old book shelf they discover a world with mystical and terrible creatures.


4. Chapter 4

As they slid to a holt, their feet just touched the large base of a chestnut door. A handle with a lions head was high above where they could not reach. After a few jumps, victoria had an idea. "Grab my foot then push me up. I then should be tall enough to reach the handle." Trevor thought this idea was a failure even just thinking about it, but he went along with his sister and tried it. Trevor grabbed victoria's foot, victoria dug her nails into the wood of the door, and then trevor pushed her up. Finally the tips of Victorias' fingers touched the handle. She bounced a little then managed to clutch the knocker in her hand. She pulled it slowly up towards her then swung it down, this time faster. It surprisingly made a small clink although she swung in a different way from the sound. A shutter opened and a huge eye blinked from behind it. "And who might dare to knock on my large door?" boomed a loud and mysterious voice that seemed to be heard from a different direction than where the eye was. "your large door?" "yes, my large door! who elses' would it be?" the voice boomed again this time it chuckled after its sentence. Victoria giggled with it. "My dear friends you may enter! Laughter is the key..." The door suddenly swung open releasing a storm of wind.  Victoria took Trevors hand and pulled him through the door-way.

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