A story of revenge and battle for power in the super natural world of modern day London.


1. Opening


The bitterness of the January frost, nipped aggressively against her bare skin, cutting into the bare skin of the nape of her neck, right down to the finger tips, of which were clasping tightly around the chains of the swing. She sat in silence as the breeze ensnared her body, tangling her hair against her cheeks; damped by her tears. She stared downwards at the blanket of snow, tainted and streaked with the warm and sickly sticky essence of blood, reaching from her bare delicate toes, onwards into the dark night of January. Casually she stroked the tips of her toes against the groves of the tainted snow, to feel the last warmth of its owner, seep into her – she smiled despite the tears that coursed down her cheeks.  The flakes of snow spiralled closely around her body, forming a blanket of sheer beauty around her. The mixture of temperatures heightened her senses: listening to the billow of the breeze, the crack and clash of the chains on the swing as she softly rolls back and forth on the balls of her feet. Most of all she noticed the burning sensation that imposed within her mouth – feeling the raw heat run down her throat and the hot, tingling heat dance across her tongue. She let out a sigh, watching closely at the misty fog forming in from of her feeling the heat prickle across her cheeks and the raw blisters on her wrists from her entrapment.


Gracefully she raised her hair and flicked her hair away from her face, presenting her face clearly. Her long rounded face, rounded yet thin lips, her chestnut brown eyes buried under a blanket of thick long eyelashes. Despite the cold, she smiled slowly; a mixture of pleasure, pure joy and iniquity. Her smile brought her lips slowly back far away to expose her teeth, her white sharp inhuman-like teeth. Her eyes flickered to the swaying bare branches in the near by trees to the tainted snow, and then back to the trees. Expecting to be pursued some time soon, to be tortured, and feel the wrath of the avenger. But no such person would dare approach her at this precise moment, she grinned with such malice. She slowly lifted her hand to close proximity of her lips and ran her tongue along her hand and smiled.


“I am the ultimate predator…” she whispered harshly to herself as she stares off into the distance, her eyes shining blood red… “And I shall not be silenced”.


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