Against All Odds

This story doesn't stop at romance. It is a story of love and friendship through all the bad times and hope for a better life. It deals with the horror that is in our world today and questions the humanity of it. The main characters in this book, Tessa and James, are determined to stay together and stay alive, against all odds.

Perhaps it is a bit exaggerated in places, but these things still happen, even if we don't want to believe they do. I want to open people's eyes to the hardship some people suffer and encourage people to try to make a change in our world. Please let me know what you think of it :)


2. The Streets - Chapter Two

The thing I hate most about the streets is the night-time. It's when the lurkers come out of the shadows. When evil comes out to play. I have no defence against the night. No home to go to. No bed to burrow in. The night is when I am most vunerable. Nobody protects me. Not even my own mother.

Tonight is like every other. With one exception. I got food. I found a fiver on the street. It is like gold in my hand. As I walk to the chip shop, I grasp it so tightly my knuckles turn white. Oh, what a feast I'll have tonight. In the chipper, the boy at the counter asks me what I want. A question I haven't heard in a very long time. "A large bag of chips, a sausage and and a coke." I tell him, so excited for this food I can't bear it. I savour the hot chips and the juicy sausage, letting it all rest in my mouth a moment before I swallow. I want to remember the taste because who knows how long it will be before I have another meal like this. Before I go, I scrape up all that's left in the bag, roll it into a ball, and throw it in a bin. I start to look for my mother with a happy belly. If only the rest of me was that happy. I find my mother, surrounded by drunken men. Not again. Not tonight. 

I walk up to her. "There she is," She exclaims happily, "My little girl." She is drunk. She would never say something like that if she was sober. My little girl. The words haunt me. It takes me a moment to figure out why. Her little girl. It makes me sound innocent and naive. I am ten years old. I should be innocent and naive. But after ten years living on the streets, no one can be. "Mother, lets go." I say firmly. I don't want to be here. I know what will happen. My mother laughs. "Why would I go? I'm having a good time." Her piercing eyes. The men's drunken leer. It's all too much. No. I have to get out of here. "Fine," I say. "I'm going." I turn to leave. Suddenly, I feel a tight hand on my arm, tugging me back. "Come back here you useless cow," my mother snaps. "You're not going anywhere. Not when there's money to be made," she adds in a harsh whisper. Money to be made. The drunken men. I put two and two together. The colour drains from my face. "No," I beg. "Please, no!" My mother smirks. "Yes," she says. "Now get to work." She shoves me towards the men. "I'll take her." One of them is coming towards me. I am frozen with fear. He grabs my hand and leads me into an old abandoned shop. The door closes. Now I am his prisoner. His slave. He takes off his shirt and advances on me. "I'll make this a night you will never forget, girl..." I close me eyes, and I know. I know, there is no way out.

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