Against All Odds

This story doesn't stop at romance. It is a story of love and friendship through all the bad times and hope for a better life. It deals with the horror that is in our world today and questions the humanity of it. The main characters in this book, Tessa and James, are determined to stay together and stay alive, against all odds.

Perhaps it is a bit exaggerated in places, but these things still happen, even if we don't want to believe they do. I want to open people's eyes to the hardship some people suffer and encourage people to try to make a change in our world. Please let me know what you think of it :)


3. The Streets - Chapter Three

Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday dear Tessa. Happy Birthday to me. Twelve years old today. I make a silent birthday wish. 

I wish I could be loved. 

My mother bursts into the room. "Hurry up Tessa. The police are coming. We've got to go." she snaps. The police. They're looking for the drugs. The drugs my mother has hidden under a floorboard. Maybe it would be better if I let them take me. I don't dare stay and get caught though, my mother would beat me black and blue if I defied her. So I get up. We sneak out the back door of the house, running to the end of the abandoned estate. When we are safe my mother turns on me. "Why didn't you f****** run faster?! We nearly got caught!" I don't know what she's talking about. I was only a metre behind her at most. "You wanted to get caught, didn't you?!" she shouts. "You thought that if they found you maybe they might put you in a good home. You're fooling yourself. If the police ever catch you there's only one place you'll be going. A bad place for bad children. You're a bold girl. You always were and you always will be. Nobody will ever love you! Who could love a useless, selfish b**** like you?!" Then her fists come. I taste blood in my mouth. I can hear sirens in the distance. Please rescue me. Please. Then I black out.

I wake up to find it's night. How long have I been out? A day? Two days? I get up. I'm still in the same place I was when my mother attacked me. My mother. I should find her. I get up, and run back to the estate. When I get there, my jaw drops. All the houses, burnt to the ground. It must have been the drug dealers. Getting rid of the evidence. I remember hearing sirens just before I blacked out. They were probably the fire engines. And I thought they might rescue me. How stupid I was. 

Looking around, I can't see my mother anywhere. There is nobody else here. I am alone. I collapse onto the ground, my heart thumping, and then I notice the wounds. All over my body. Wounds, half healed, scabbed, some re-opened from when I ran. My mother did this to me. The woman, the monster, who I came back for. Who I always stood by. When she was out of her mind with drugs, I was the one who lay her down in a dry place and sang her to sleep. Me. Her daughter. Her boxing bag.

A new feeling rushes through me. One I have never felt before. It start like an ember in my heart, and slowly grows, spreading through my body, igniting my bones. A fire. It gives me courage and hope, just as the yellow flower did six years ago. I don't need my mother. I can survive without her. I have for twelve years. This ends now.

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