What is death?


2. chapter 2

its a lot to do with religion, i thik, what you belive is what people have told you, maybe not.

what i like to think is that people who lead a good life with no problems, maybe a few grey areas but not anything REALLY bad could go to heaven for a while, then get another life, or reincarnate because they deserved another life and then they do this until they might have a bad life or do something bad. And whe someone leads a bad life and does somethhing REALLY REALLY bad, when they die, they just lie there in the dark, they dont exactly rest, i dont like the thought of hell, it sounds so bad, maybe heaven and hell are just like metaphores, say because maybe you dont get a real reward for a good life, youre just in peace and you dont actually get burned and tortured, you just arent at peace?

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