Katie Sykes and Nathan Sykes

The story is about the wanted and me and my friend brogen we are huge fans a meet and greet would be nice and hope they read l


1. The meet

One day there was two fans called Katie and brogen they are huge fans of the waited and today was the code they Were so excited they couldnt wait as they arrived brogen shouted "oh my god look the merchandise stall let's go."then Katie said "yeah let's go."they spent £40.00 each then they ran in and they had front row seats then as they looked away there they were the wanted.they screamed and shouted and there it began all night they were on there feet singing and dancing towards the end of the consert there favourite song came on heart vacancy and Nathan said this one is for you Katie thought yes this one is for her and Tom said this is for a soecil girl and brogen thought yes finally he noticed me then bang all the music stoped then from behind the stage there was smoke the fire quickly spread and Katie was stuck the fire surrounded her.then she took in the smoke she struggled to breath then she blanked out.brogen got out just in time but as she got out she panicked shouted my name and went looking for me the boys got out fine.then came the fire bragade I told them what happened I went to run in but Tom stopped me then Nathan said I will go get her he shouted my name "KATiE" then he found me on the floor he tried to wake katie but She was still out so he picked her up put her in his arms and ran out there was an ambulance waiting outside he rushed her out and put her on the gurni in the ambulance and then he stayed with her at the hospital. when brogen got to the hospital she was surprisedto se Nathan next to katies bed she went in with tears running down her eyes he said hi she said why didn't you just leave he said because "I can feel something about her it's just when I saw her I connected with her now I need to see her I feel terrible for what has happened"n
Brogen said "thanks that's really sweet I could need some company,what has the doctor said?" he said well they have to put her in a coma as she is not responding they said they will keep her here for a week then if she doesn't come through then they have to try and operate and if that doesn't work then they have to turn off her life surrport, but we musent think what might happen we have to think positive for her,I forgot to ask where's her mum or her dad I tried to call them but she don't have her contact number." brogen could not speak as she was getting over what Nathan had said with more tears coming down her face. Nathan stood up and went over to her it's going to be okay she is going to wake up brogen sniffed and said okay it will be okay.then she said "katies parents aren't the best parents she has had a hard life that's why she lives with me mow her parents left her by the side of the road when she was 1 like me my mum drove past one day saw her and took her home now my mum is hers. when she heard your music it really helped her through everything that's why she is such fan.she eventually found her birth mum but she don't treat her well so she don't see her we are like sisters.
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