I wrote this after my uncle died.


1. Life

There's a life within a life

and each one has a purpose,

there's a heartbeat in each body

and not one of those is worthless,

we come into this world full of mysteries to explore,

we satisfy our needs

yet leave us wanting more and more,

for what we're craving is love

and when broken there's no cure.


The pain doesn't just fade

it's in our minds and in our hearts,

and when there's a great friendship

you hate the thought of being apart,

but we only have one chance at life

so we must endure,

we must choose the right path

and unlock the right door,

the hardest part is leaving

but it's something we can't control

and for those whom we love

it leaves a small hole,


and yet we have no choice

and must still carry on

through the brightness of the day

'till we no longer see the sun,

we cannot compete with pain,

the loss or the sorrow

we must keep the memories in our hearts

and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

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