Notes And Letters

Harper is just a normal girl, she has her faults but is mostly nice to everyone. Finley is perfection, he doesnt have any faults, he doesnt need to be nice to everyone, they just automatically like him. Is this a match made in heaven or will this end like hell?


2. You and I

He looked at me, I couldn’t help turning the colour of a tomato, I mean, he's gorgeous. Sea green eyes, golden bronze hair, golden skin and huge abs. He could be a Hollister model, or an actor, his voice is like honey, all smooth and silky. I think I'm in love with him. Only one thing, I don’t think I'm his type. He dates Head Cheerleaders and I’m in the Choir; he's way out of my league. I can’t believe I ever thought I would have a chance with him. Urgh, I’m so stupid. I try to forget about him but I just can't. His beauty astonishes me, he has every girl in the school drooling over him, all the teachers love him, good-looking and smart, what’s not to adore? Everyone loves Finley Harn. Even his name makes my mouth water, God help me if I ever get to speak to him, there'd be like a swimming pool of saliva in my mouth, and I'd probably go deeper red than a beetroot.

I walked slowly to Chemistry, when I'd finally arrived the lesson had already started. "Care to join us Miss Mitchell?" piped my wrinkly old teacher Mrs Barpan, me and my friends described her as a prune, A) because she was old and wrinkly, B) because she always wore a deep purple blush and lipstick on her pale powdered face and C) if a prune had a personality, hers would match it perfectly. I flopped down on my chair, second row from the back, surrounded by my best friends, I know I couldn’t live without them girls. I got on with my work, scribbling down notes that might help me when the exams come. I try to concentrate but behind me there's someone kicking my chair and whispering my name, I turn my back towards them "Please can you sto-", my sentence is left unfinished, I realise that its only him, the one and only Finley Harn calling my name. He wants to speak to me, all my friends are giggling because they know I like him. He passes a small piece of paper to me under the desk, so none of his friends see, his handwriting is almost as beautiful as him. Right at that moment, Mrs Barpan starts shouting at me and Finley "Miss Mitchell and Mr Harn, talking and note passing is not tolerated in my classroom, you can both join me Friday afterschool, 3:30-5:30" Crickey, she's not only a wrinkly prune, she's also got eyesight like a hawk and she'd just embarrassed Finley in front of his mates. I was shaking in anger, I mean, if I hadn’t of been late, she would of ignored us and now I got the boy of my dreams into an after school detention.

Lunch time slowly commenced, I sat at a table with my friends and tucked in to my Chicken Pie. "What did that note say off Finley?" Asked one of my closest friends, Ellen.

"Woah, thanks for reminding me, I'd almost forgot" I said as I reached into my blazer pocket and retrieving the note, I read it aloud slowly, savouring every word he had written 'Dear Harper, You are intriguing with your words, I need to know you more, Meet me on Saturday at the Red Forest, We'll talk more then, Sincerely, Finley. P.s. Bring your guitar, I know it relaxes you.' Squeals of excitement came from the group of girls surrounding me "OMG Harp! You have to go! Having a date with the hottest guy in school is a once in a life time opportunity! Are you going to go?" Exclaimed Danielle as she jumped up and down in happiness for me, she'd known I had liked Finley for a long time. "I'm not sure, if I'm allowed then yes. But you guys have to make me look pretty"

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