Notes And Letters

Harper is just a normal girl, she has her faults but is mostly nice to everyone. Finley is perfection, he doesnt have any faults, he doesnt need to be nice to everyone, they just automatically like him. Is this a match made in heaven or will this end like hell?


4. The Date

The previous night Finley had text me, only God knows how he had got my number, probably Danielle had given it to him. Anyway he had said ‘Hey beautiful, can we meet at the park at 4? Don’t forget to bring your guitar, Finley xxx p.s I love you xxx’ it was probably one of the cutest text I had ever received, I couldn’t wait! I lay in bed that night awake waiting to drift off asleep, but I just couldn’t, I could hear my clock ticking away. ‘I wonder what time it is’ I thought to myself as I turned my head towards the alarm clock. Omg! It was already 3:30am! I need to get to sleep, I can’t, and I’m too excited! Brain, you can shut up now. I stared at my blue ceiling covered in music notes and slowly drifted off to sleep, dreaming about my day with Finley and what will happen.

I wake with a start. Sugar, what time is it?! 2pm?! That only leaves me an hour and a half to get ready because it takes 30 minutes to get there! Right, I need to think this through. Think, think. Right.

 To do list:

Have a shower (I stink like a horses stable)

Get dressed (as tempting it may be to go naked, I’ll probably get arrested)

Do Makeup

Do Hair

Doesn’t seem that much to do, except I take forever getting ready. I take a risky run to the shower and blast the boiling water on my pale skin, I rub shampoo and conditioner into my knotted hazel hair and scrub my body with the orange soap. I grab the towel and twist it round my body and another round my head, I dance across the landing to my bedroom and wrap my fluffy dressing gown round me. I grab my favourite shorts and a green t shirt and put them on, ‘Oh well, at least they’re comfy’ I thought, anyway, we’d only be going to a park, nothing too special. I quickly checked my watch. Gosh! 3pm already! I have to do my hair and makeup quick! I instantly put some mascara on my brown eyes and concealer to hide the dark purple bags under my eyes. Ahh, I’m so tired. I shoved my hair back into a messy bun, that should be enough. I passed my guitar and clutched it in my hand as I walked past. “Bye Mum!” I called as I opened the door, grabbing my hoodie on the way out “Bye Sweetie, have a nice day!” I stepped outside as a gust of wind  hit my face and sent a shiver down my spine ‘Glad I brought my hoodie’ I thought with a smile on my face as I walked down to the Red Forest.


Blowing in his face, the wind had made Finley look more attractive than ever, his bronze hair rustling in the wind, holding a woven picnic basket. He was more attractive than ever today. He saw me and smiled, showing his straight white teeth. I ran over to him, almost tripping on the way (I hope he didn’t see that) and hugged him under the shady tree. We both sat on the muddy grass and laughed at a squirrel passing by collecting nuts. A slight breeze hit me and made me shiver, I’m glad it made me shiver though, because Finley saw and cuddled me so I would feel warmer. The sky was such a pretty blue today, shifting the clouds as the wind blew. As I lay on my back, I told Finley to join me cloud watching. “Look! That one looks like a unicorn head-butting a tea pot!” exclaimed Finley, I giggled hysterically at the randomness of his statement, “Don’t be silly!” I choked out between laughter, but as I looked  up at the sky, I could see what he meant “I see it too!”, he tickled my stomach and we both rolled around laughing until we had no more energy left and our ribs were hurting. I stared up at the clouds until my eyes were heavy and I fell asleep on Finley’s muscly chest.


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