Notes And Letters

Harper is just a normal girl, she has her faults but is mostly nice to everyone. Finley is perfection, he doesnt have any faults, he doesnt need to be nice to everyone, they just automatically like him. Is this a match made in heaven or will this end like hell?


3. Detention

This was the best and worst hour of my life. The best because I get to spend a whole hour with the boy of my dreams, worst because I have to waste a precious hour of my life, I’m with my least favourite teacher and the old hag made me wipe off all my makeup before I entered her room of torture. I’m there, red-faced because I’ve just come from PE and the golden god is there, looking perfection as ever. His golden bronze hair is shining in the light, his face looking flawless and his eyes, oh his eyes, I could look into that sea of green for ever. They were beautiful. He smiled when I flumped down on the chair next to him, I put my deep purple bag on the floor and grabbed a pen out of my grubby pencil case. “Oh, Miss Mitchell, you won’t need that pen, you’ll be sat here in silence for the whole hour, any talking and you’ll be joining me again on Monday or until you learn not to talk in lessons. Again. I’m defiantly not talking then, I couldn’t stand another hour in under her torturous eyes. I slide my hand down onto my lap and then another hand follows, but it wasn’t mine, it was Finley’s! He grabbed my hand and held it in between the gap in our chairs so Mrs Barpan wouldn’t see. His hands were so soft, yet so strong, like he was the knight and I was the princess, he would protect me from the evil dragon Mrs Barpan. This hour wasn’t going to be as bad as I thought.

His hand released mine a few minutes before the end of detention bell rang, “Phew” I thought to myself, if the bell had rang whilst we were still holding hands, I would have been joining Mrs Barpan again. I grabbed my bag and strolled out the door, placing my headphones in my ears as I walked. A few seconds later, strong arms grabbed around my waist, “Can’t wait for our date on Saturday!” whispered an excited voice in my ear. I turned around and looked into his eternal green eyes, “Neither can I” I whispered back into his ear whilst my arms hang around his neck. His arms were strong too, so protective but delicate as well. We both leaned for a kiss, he stroked my cheek with his soft fingers whilst my hand knotted into his silky hair. It probably only lasted a few minutes but to me, this seemed like forever, it was the best minutes of my life. The only reason forever was over is because we both needed to breathe, we said our goodbyes. I skipped across the corridors, smiling, I guess dreams can come true.

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