The name's Lucifer

The 20 year old schoolteacher, Samuel Mason, is tired of his life. One his way home, he is knocked down in an alley. When he wakes up, he slowly realizes that something is different. Very different.


5. An Empty Space


Sam woke up, lying on the floor in a black room. Surprisingly his body didn’t hurt, after such a round of beating. Sam looked around, and saw nothing but darkness. Suddenly, he felt the coldness down his spine. He closed his eyes briefly, trying to fight the fear in his mind. The second he opened his eyes again, a door was standing in the middle of the room. Not a big door, but a regular door which could easily be in a normal house.  It was made out of oak, with an old rusty handle and with a small peephole.

Sam stood up, and walked towards the door. Something was not right. He stopped and looked through the peephole. He gasped and quickly took a step backwards.

“Well hello there~”

Sam looked around in the room, but no one was to be seen.

A dark mist appeared behind him, in the shape of a bony man.

“Booh!” He whispered in Sam’s ear.

Sam threw himself to the ground and let out a gasp as he turned around to see the dark creature.

The dark mist became more and more visible, in the end turning out to be a pale, purple-haired, tall man in a suit, the top-buttons of the shirt unbuttoned and the top-hat on a slant.

“Hello Samuel. How’s life?”

Sams eyes widened, and he began to tremble.

How… How does it know my name? he thought as the sweatdrops ran down his face.

“Frankly speaking, I don’t know either. It’s all a part of the pack. I actually know everything about you. Not that there’s anything exciting…” He said calmly while he walked around Sam, studying him closer.

“Oh, and I can read your mind. Just so you know. “ He disappeared in the blink of an eye, only to appear in front of Sam, sitting in squad-position. He held his hand out. “The name’s Cuan.”

Sam could feel the coldness disappear. He shook hands with Cuan, convinced he was caught up in a nightmare.

“So. You don’t look well. And you see, I was terrible bored, so I decided to have a little fun!” Cuan said, sending Sam a big smile. He snapped his fingers, and both of them got surrounded by a dark mist.

“All you need is a little confidence my friend!”

Sam started to panic. He couldn’t breathe, and all of his muscles felt like they were being torn apart.

“What-what are you doing…to me” he asked the man, who most of all looked like he got a new toy for Christmas.

“Giving you what you lack; confidence!” he answered with a big grin.

The mist disappeared, and Sam laid on the floor, gasping after his breath. His whole body hurt like hell, and he could barely see for the pain.

Cuan stood up, and walked to the door which he opened. When he turned towards Sam, he snapped his fingers again, and another dark mist seemed to carry Sams body to him.

“I hope we’ll see each other soon!” Cuan said to Sam, as he took of his hat. “Been fun!”

The dark mist flew out of the door, which led to the same alley Sam came from in the first place.

The mist sunk into the ground, leaving Sam sitting with his back against the wall.

Cuan smiled. “I’ll watch you!” He put on his hat again, and closed the door.


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