The name's Lucifer

The 20 year old schoolteacher, Samuel Mason, is tired of his life. One his way home, he is knocked down in an alley. When he wakes up, he slowly realizes that something is different. Very different.


4. A Walk Home


Sam tried his best at walking in a straight line, but was failing as usual. He stopped for a second, and slipped down on the ground, leaning his back to the cold brick-wall. His breathing was heavy and his eyes wandered. Sams white shirt was wrinkled and the brown hair covered his drowsy eyes. Just as he were to fall asleep, a young couple walked by. The girl, with her eyes focused on her boyfriend didn’t see the sleeping teacher and stumbled over Sam’s long legs. 

“Hey asshole, get out of our way!” The boy yelled at Sam.

He was too sleepy to react, so the young boy took a grab in his shirt and lifted him up only to punch him in the stomach.  Sam coughed, and the boy dragged him into an alley.

“You filthy piece of shit!” the young boy snarled, as he kicked Sam with all of his power. His girlfriend stood next to him with her cellphone, filming the whole scenario. After a little while, they left. Sam managed to sit up, leaning against the wall, before he lost consciousness. 

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