The name's Lucifer

The 20 year old schoolteacher, Samuel Mason, is tired of his life. One his way home, he is knocked down in an alley. When he wakes up, he slowly realizes that something is different. Very different.


3. A Nice Evening


Freedom. Finally! He took a mouthful of the cool night-air. Samuel could feel the missing sleep affecting him now.

He took his bike, and jumped on it. As he drove down the small streets and took small shortcuts, he greeted the elderly people who stood at their small shops as usual.

He swung the bike out on the pedestrian street, and drove in between the many people. He stopped outside a small cozy-looking bar, the bar he used to visit when he have had a terrible day. The terrible days had grown in numbers the past years, and so had the visits to the bar.

As he opened the door, he immediately started to loosen up when he heard the calming sound of the bell above the door. The brown wooden-walls reached up towards the ceiling, where an old, cheap lamp swung back and forth caused by the vibrations from the door.

Samuel walked to the bar, and sat on one of the tall wooden-chairs. The small, buff bartender, who was in the middle of cleaning the shelves, turned around and let out a giggle.

“Hey Sam, the usual?”

Samuel sighed and smiled. “You know me too well.”

The bartender wiped off his hands in his white apron, and took a glass from one of the many glass-shelves. He took one of the many bottles and poured it into the glass, added a few ice-cubes, and served the drink to Samuel.

“Rough day, huh?” he asked while continuing pouring a glass for himself.

Samuel drank it all in one swallow, and looked down in the empty glass. “Not exactly. I’m just… Tired. What am I even doing?”

The small bartender took a sip of his own glass, and sighed as he poured more into Sams empty glass. “You’re drinking. Turning into an alcoholic. Getting depressed. Having a huge amount of self-pity. Want me to continue?”

Samuel drank again everything down in one swallow. He let out a small snarl, and buried his face in his arms. “I’m pathetic. My life’s pathetic.”

The bartender, who still hadn’t finished his drink laughed. “I can’t disagree with that!”

Sam, still with his head buried in his arms, held his glass towards the bartender. “More please.” he mumbled.

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