The name's Lucifer

The 20 year old schoolteacher, Samuel Mason, is tired of his life. One his way home, he is knocked down in an alley. When he wakes up, he slowly realizes that something is different. Very different.


2. A Good Day


Sweating, and breathing hard, he arrived to the school, just in time. His brown hair stuck to his face, and made him look like a person who hadn’t ben showering for days.

Damn. Getting late, and the damn traffic. He thought, cursing and swearing in his mind.

He locked his bike, and walked into the hallway of the school. With a forced smile, he greeted some of the other teachers. He hated it. Even though the pay was good, he had more than once seriously thought about quitting this ridiculous job.

When he stood in front of the door to the classroom, he took a deep breath. Everything was gonna be fine. Maybe they’ll behave somewhat decent today. He looked up, and opened the door. He’s wish wasn’t granted today either. He watched the students acting like monkeys, running around in the classroom, some were fighting some were tossing paper through the air. One of the paper-balls hit Samuel right in his face. Suddenly, the class turned silent. He walked with slow steps to the desk and dropped his bag. He turned to the blackboard and started to erase all the small drawings the students had drawn. A very large number of them were caricatures of him. He started the class, talking about biology, and watched the students slowly falling asleep. He didn’t care anymore. He taught and the ones, who wanted to listen, could listen. The rest he didn’t care about. He remembered how frustrated he had been in the beginning.

The rest of the day went on like this. Like the past two years.  

In the afternoon, long time after the classes had ended, Samuel sat in the teachers’ lounge, correcting hand-ins. They were worse than ever. He was again struck with the urge to throw the papers up in the air, give up and leave everything. It was late, and he was the last teacher at the school. He took of his glasses, and brushed his hand through his brown hair as he dropped the pencil on the table and leaned back. He looked outside the window and between the metal-bars he could see the people stressing down the street. He packed the things together, and grabbed his leatherjacket. 

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