This is How it Was Meant To Be

This is a story about four girls - Willow, Janice, Tayla and Sofia - whose lives are interconnected, even though they don't realise it. Each of these girls unknowingly help each other out with what they crave for the most! This is a story I wrote to show how everything we do affects the people around us. Please read :)


7. Tayla

Remember how I said Willow was likely to explode any day soon? I was right. And I didn't have too wait long. It happened today, publicly in front of the whole canteen. 

My horribly bad luck guided me to the canteen for lunch break early today. Normally I go late, when everybody was gone and I could eat by myself in peace. But my annoying stomach started grumbling early today and, innocent and naive, I walked right into the lion's den. 

Willow was there. With Kerrie. Fighting. Her face red. Her mood very bad.

Oh no.

She and Kerrie were having an extremely loud and animated conversation about something - well, not so much a conversation as a violent argument. She seemed to be pointing rudely at the table at the back, where I saw a nice-looking guy and two girls sitting, staring at the fight like everybody else. I heard snippets of the argument and deduced it had something to do with jerky guys again, and I presumed the particular 'jerky guy' was the one at the back table. Oh well. Willow has a lot of guys hogging after her. That's common knowledge and I don't care much. The good news was that she hadn't noticed me yet. I held my breath,  maybe if I could just slip away -

Too late. I saw Kerrie stalk away to the table on the other end, leaving an enraged Willow alone where she was standing. Facing me. Oh damn. I knew I was in trouble even before she started.

"Oh look who it is! Little Tayla! Where have you been lately?" she spat out the words as though I was the reason she was in such a bad mood. Willow is a seriously weird character. She's mad at one person and she takes out the anger at someone else. Mostly me. Well, always me.

"Um - oh, hi Willow ... I'll just go ..." I tried lamely to slip away, but of course, she caught me by the arm.

"Not so fast, missy. Why did you not do my homework for me yesterday?"

"What? Oh no, I did your homework. You probably didn't see -" I sputtered stupidly. Willow always made me do her homework, threatened me to do it or she'd humiliate me to death. And being the amazing brave person I am, I always did as she said.

"No excuses!" she snapped. What the hell? She was just making up a reason to torture me. I had done her homework! I would be mad not to do it and stand up to her. But she had just found an excuse to take the mickey out of me in front of the gawping canteen. And now there was no way I could slip away at all.

She addressed the canteen at large now. "So listen up peeps," she said. "Some people," she glared at me, "are just complete losers. So," she pulled out a permanent marker from her school bag, "what punishment do you think the loser should get?"

The idiots in the canteen who saw Willow as their goddess cheered and applauded. I gulped. I knew what was coming. She advanced, pinning me against the wall to stop me from moving. With her other hand, she etched a single letter on my forehead with so much force it seared painfully. When she was done crafting the masterpiece, she looked at it contently and guffawed. She then pulled out a compact mirror from her bag and offered it to me. 'L' was what she had etched on my forehead. 'L' for loser.

I sobbed. Covering my forehead with my hands, I ran away from the canteen, away from the laughing crowd and away from that witch who stood there cackling like this was the biggest pleasure in the world. I never wanted to come back. I just wanted to die.

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