This is How it Was Meant To Be

This is a story about four girls - Willow, Janice, Tayla and Sofia - whose lives are interconnected, even though they don't realise it. Each of these girls unknowingly help each other out with what they crave for the most! This is a story I wrote to show how everything we do affects the people around us. Please read :)


12. Sofia

I was SO happy for Janice. And I couldn't help but feel a wee bit proud of myself too. But oh well, I guess I have the right to be! Both Josh and Janice have already thanked me like a million times, making me feel like I won the Nobel Prize or something, but that's not the reason I feel over the moon right now. Oh no. Something VERY brilliant happened today.

Josh, Janice and I were walking towards the school bus after one long and eventful day at school. I mean, the pair of them entered these gates in the morning as just best friends and now they're leaving as a couple. Wow, it's amazing how fast things can change isn't it? They boarded the bus and I just about to follow when a hand tapped on my shoulder.

It was Willow.

"Hi," she said, beaming. I blinked. Ohhhkayy, now that was weird.

"Um... hi," I said.

"My name's Willow," she said as though she thought I didn't know already. Like I said, the whole school knows her. "And, uh, Kerrie told me you're Sofia, from her Science class."

"Oh, yeah I am." I said, not sure where this was going. I was just about to say something else when I realised she was hugging me all of sudden. What on earth? She looked extremely happy for some reason.

"I can't thank you enough, Sofia! You have no idea how much I owe you!"

"Uh ... what?"

"I know you did something about Josh," she whispered as though this was supposed to be top-secret. "I know you're the reason he doesn't like me anymore. And thanks a lot for doing whatever you did!"

I was not sure how to react. This was the creepiest of creepy things that had happened to me lately. "Oh, okay ... uh, you're welcome?"

"I can't explain how much you've done for me! If there's anything I can do for you, I would love to ..."

It clicked. This was the chance. Ask her, ask her! Come on, you can do it! Now was the time to finally do what i had dreamt of doing for so long. I took a deep breath and said it.

"Actually, yes Willow," I started. "There is something you can do for me. But I'm not sure you would -"

"Oh no, no! Anything. I'll be glad to help you."

"Um ... could you fix a meeting for me with your father? I mean, I'm a huge fan of his music. I'd - I'd love to meet him."

For a minute Willow looked at me strangely. But the next she was beaming again. "Of course! I'll ask Dad to see you tomorrow evening then! Glad I could help you, Sofia!" And with that she skipped away.

I couldn't believe it. Wait till I told Josh and Janice about this. My ultimate dream. My biggest ambition. My music was finally going to be heard by Willow's dad, the world-famous music producer. The one and only. And this was the opportunity of my lifetime. And it had presented itself in the oddest of circumstances, but I guess that's what they call destiny. I guess this is how it was meant to be.

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