This is How it Was Meant To Be

This is a story about four girls - Willow, Janice, Tayla and Sofia - whose lives are interconnected, even though they don't realise it. Each of these girls unknowingly help each other out with what they crave for the most! This is a story I wrote to show how everything we do affects the people around us. Please read :)


8. Sofia

I had just told Janice to wait for me to make my little performance when I saw Tayla enter the canteen. Yes, this was the chance. I knew exactly what to do. 

"Hey Josh," I clicked my fingers before his eyes. "Listen to me."

"What?" he snapped, looking annoyed to have been distracted from the beautiful scene of Willow fighting madly with Kerrie. I sighed. How could he be such an idiot? He had always been a smart guy, from what Janice kept telling me. She looked flustered and revolted by Josh now. He was behaving like a madman. But I guess Willow had just cast her little spell on him too.

"Okay, so you like Willow and all that, I know. But I want to show you what she's really like," I said, looking over his shoulder to see what she was up to. She was yelling at that poor Tayla now. Yes, any minute now. Josh would now see exactly what I wanted him to. 

"So listen up peeps," Willow announced suddenly, and all of us turned our heads to her. Not that many people hadn't already been ogling her. It was irritating to see all the guys going after that witch. She's plain evil. How come everybody overlooked that? But not Josh. He would have to see. I would make him see.

"Some people are just complete losers. So," she pulled out something that looked distinctly like a marker from her school bag, "what punishment do you think the loser should get?"

Her stupid devotees at the canteen cheered and applauded like this was some kind of an entertainment show. I was just horrified. And apparently, by the look on his face, so was Josh.

Willow began etching something on Tayla's face, and the poor girl was shrieking and hitting her feebly, apparently without realising. I flinched and looked away. I wish someone would stand up to her. But all these people seemed to think everything she did was right. When I looked up again I saw Tayla running away, sobbing. Josh faced me, looking absolutely terrified. I shrugged.

"It's fitting you never noticed this before. Or are you just like one of those guys," I pointed at the ones who had been cheering Willow on, "who don't seem to see the evil in her?"

Josh looked like he was about to puke. "You're - you're right, Sofia. She is a total bitch."

"Well-spotted," I said, winking at Janice who was looking relieved and grateful at the same time. "You know what Josh," he faced me. "Sometimes what's best for us is always right in front of us, all we have to do is open our eyes and notice it."

I sat back. What I was supposed to do was done. With a huge smile on my face, I saw Josh look at Janice, his mouth slightly open, comprehension dawning on his face.

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