This is How it Was Meant To Be

This is a story about four girls - Willow, Janice, Tayla and Sofia - whose lives are interconnected, even though they don't realise it. Each of these girls unknowingly help each other out with what they crave for the most! This is a story I wrote to show how everything we do affects the people around us. Please read :)


6. Janice

"Talk to her."




Josh, Sofia and I were at the canteen for lunch and it so happened that Willow was there too. Ahh. Just my luck. And Josh was trying to talk me into going over and saying hi to Willow. Why on earth would I do that? He thinks that if I make friends with Willow, she was more likely to go out with him. Wow. What an amazing theory.

Willow and her friend Kerrie seemed to be arguing violently at the end of the canteen. Her nasty face was screwed up and she looked about as ugly as she could have done, and I was mentally cheering for that. But Josh didn't seem to notice that at all. He went on and on about how pretty she looked without makeup. 

"For God's sake Josh, you haven't seen her without makeup!"

"Oh well, I can guess," he said pensively. I hated it. I hated having to endure all this. My heart wanted me to wave my arms madly in front of his eyes and scream at the top of my voice, telling him to love me, to notice me instead. But of course, I don't have enough guts to do that.

"Look at her, Janice, just look at her Sofia ..." he said, his lovely blue eyes dreamy. "She's so gorgeous ..."

"Oh snap out of it!" I said scornfully, waving my sausage in front of eyes to catch his attention, but he didn't even blink. "You haven't even talked to her in your entire life. How did you just decide you like her Josh?"

"I know, right? But I guess that's what they call true love ..."

I felt like I was about to be sick. Repulsed and hopeless, I turned to Sofia, who was wearing an annoying smirk, watching us bicker with such amusement that i felt like hitting her. "I thought you knew what to do about this?" I hissed. 

"Oh yeah I do," she said matter-of-factly. "In fact, I think I'll do it just now. Wait for it, Janice."

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