This is How it Was Meant To Be

This is a story about four girls - Willow, Janice, Tayla and Sofia - whose lives are interconnected, even though they don't realise it. Each of these girls unknowingly help each other out with what they crave for the most! This is a story I wrote to show how everything we do affects the people around us. Please read :)


2. Janice

I was at the desolate basketball court before lunch break, shooting baskets all by myself when I heard that familiar, soothing, absolutely gorgeous voice calling out to me from behind. 

"Hey Janice!"

I turned, and like always, my heart did it's customary happy dance when my eyes found the face that I loved so much. Those sparkling sapphire blue eyes and the blonde hair that swept his forehead. Josh Woods. But his perpetual crooked smile was missing today. Instead, he wore an expression I had a little trouble placing at first because it was totally foreign on his face. Worry. 

"What is it Josh?" I called out, shooting another basket over my shoulder just to show-off my skills to impress him. I know, I do stupid stuff like that when he's around. "Want a game?" 

Josh and I had been best mates since he pushed me into the pool in Year 5. I had kicked his shins so many times that he had doubled up with pain, moaning like a baby, and I had laughed my head off. But when the teacher told us to shake hands and apologise to each other, there was the beginning of a perfect friendship. We got along so well mainly because of our shared interest in sports, and, like he said, because 'I wasn't like other girls'. I don't know if I should take that as a compliment, but just to content my over-excited heart which tries so hard to believe he likes me the way I like him, I decided I should.

"Nah," he called out. "Not now, I actually need to talk to you Janice."

I walked over to him, trying to do my casual walk but somehow it seemed I had springs attached to my feet that made me bounce like an excited bunny when he was around. "You okay?"

"Not really," he bit his lip and slumped on the bench behind him. I sat down too.

"What's wrong?"

"I dunno how to tell you this but ..." My heart started doing a mad tap dance. The way he was talking ... was he going to confess he had feelings for me? Was that what he wanted to tell me? I couldn't help but grin like an idiot at the thought. "I, well, it's about someone I like ..." My heart went bonkers doing a crazy tribal dance now, but I tried to keep the happiness out of my face and my voice calm as I asked - 

"Who is it?"

"Willow," he whispered. "Willow Jones."

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