This is How it Was Meant To Be

This is a story about four girls - Willow, Janice, Tayla and Sofia - whose lives are interconnected, even though they don't realise it. Each of these girls unknowingly help each other out with what they crave for the most! This is a story I wrote to show how everything we do affects the people around us. Please read :)


1. Willow

I stared at the BBM message from Kerrie, my mouth gaping open. 

Willow, m not talking to yuh anymore! I HATE YOU! This is all ur fault! :'(

Urgh! I can't believe Kerrie, my best friend Kerrie, is blaming me for whatever is happening with her! She's been my BFF since kindergarten and now all of sudden she tells me that she hates me, and that everything is my fault? How could she even say that?!

Well, what the hell could I have done to change this anyway? The fact that Kerrie's all time big crush Josh Woods likes me instead is NOT my fault whatsoever! I mean, what does she expect me to have done? Gone over to Josh, the guy I haven't even talked to in my entire life, and say "Hey Josh, I heard you like me. Do me a favour and like my friend Kerrie instead!" Honestly! Kerrie's just being stupid. 

But she's my best friend. She's been with me through thick and thin, always around for support. And now that she's losing her head over this jerk of a guy, I just can't help but feel devastated. Desperate to get her talking to me again, I BBM her back.

Kerrie! Darling, ur being stupid! Yuh noe its not my fault. Please call me back :(

The reply came instantly.

Shut up Willow. M never talking to yuh. Yuh always get all the guys just cause ur prettier and richer and much MUCH more popular than me. It's not fair. Please don't text me again. 

For God's sake, how is that my fault! I yelled inside my head. Yes I admit that I get a truckload of dollar bills to spend over my clothes and shoes, but I always share them with Kerrie. I share everything with her. She's like a sister I never had! We've been inseparable for what seems like forever, and now all of a sudden, she forgets all that and decides to flush our friendship down the drain just because of this stupid guy who doesn't even know she exists. 

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