Crimson Lipstick

i wrote this as i went along so i dont actually know what its about :L read and see :D


4. then

I woke up the next morning, well more like afternoon to a text from someone, I didn't have them as a contact. It was Kyle! It read, " Hi, I was thinking about yesterday and I wondered if you want to come to this party with me? Its a guy in year ten called Bobby's party, it's just a summer gathering, you should come and meet some people! See you later!"

I replied, " Oh hey! How did you get my number? Ummm I'd like to get to the party but my dad can't take me and well, I don't have a mum so.... (i don't really like talking about it.) I'll try to get  there, otherewise, see you around."

He then replied, "My mum will take you! She's fine with anything really, I mean unless, well you know, because of your mum, you don't want my mum to take you? I'll walk with you if you want?  Anything. Well bye x"

HE SENT ME A KISS!!!!! OHMEHHHGOHHHHHH HE SENT ME AN ACTUAL KISS!!!!! alright, okay get a grip Lola, you need to reply to  the boy. HE SENT ME AN ACTUAL KISS!!!!!!!!!!!

"Hey i'm fine with your mum taking me thanks! I really appreciate it. bye x." I got up and ready for a major shopping spree! What should i wear?!?!?!?!?


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