Crimson Lipstick

i wrote this as i went along so i dont actually know what its about :L read and see :D


1. the start

*BLEEP BLEEP* My alarm clock startled me, waking me up for the day ahead. I slowly crept out of bed, put my fluffy white dressing gown on and took my hair tie out. I walked to the bathroom and took a quick shower, then I brushed my teeth and walked to my closet. I took out a pair of black ripped skinny jeans and a purple t-shirt. I applied my eyeliner and crimson lipstick, tied my black hair and walked out the door.

When i arrived at school, Kyle greeted me with a warm hug and we walked down the hall, hand in hand. He had black hair with electric blue highlights and he had a kind of lobsided smile. His eyes were dark and beautiful, he was really mysterious. Everyone wanted to go out with him which made me feel special, because he chose me, but why?

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