Crimson Lipstick

i wrote this as i went along so i dont actually know what its about :L read and see :D


5. The Party

When Kyle and I hauled up  in the drive, butterflies flew around inside my stomach, you would think that they are elegant, but not in this situation, they're like buisness men and women frantically rushing to work in rush hour in new york! But then they all came to a holt when Kyle squeezed my hand.

So we got out of his mum's new jaguar and arm in arm and we walked in. He looked really hansome in his black tailored suit and purple tie. His hair was flattened down with is fringe swept to the side, he was gorgeous!  "Hey, you look beautiful tonight Lola, now, if you follow me, I'll introduce you to some people and then we can maybe go for a walk, okay?" I smiled at him to assure him that I was fine with that.

About 30 seconds after we walked in, a friend of Kyle's, Mason came up and started talking "Hey bro!" he exclaimed as they  both 'man hugged' "You alright? Now who is this lovely lady? Do I know her?"

"Yeah Yeah, i'm good, this is Lola, the new girl I was talking about, you know, the one I was saying...."

"Oh yeah bro." Mason interrupted whilst lightly chuckling, what did the say about me? was it important? Who is this guy?

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