Crimson Lipstick

i wrote this as i went along so i dont actually know what its about :L read and see :D


8. the bridge

I was on my way to a local cafe when i got a text off Kyle, it said "Hey! I can see you, im just inside with Mason, we're having luch, come in! xxxx"  How sweet of him!

I walked in and sat down next to Kyle and we had a quick kiss. Mason rolled his eyes. "How are you Lola? I've missed you today." Kyle spoke to me in his lush voice

"I'm not that good actually, I need to talk to you, in private if thats okay?" I looked at Mason, then Mason and Kyle looked at each other. "Yeah that's fine, do you want to go now?" He asked and then we left. "Are we going to yours?" He asked, I shook my head

"We need to go to the bridge, where no one really goes, I need to tell you something and you can't react and you can't tell anyone! Promise me now." I told him sternley. A crystal tear ran down my buised eye, however he couldn't see the dark rim, circling my eye because i was wearing the blackest sunglasses. "What's happened to you?" Kyle asked once we got to the bridge, he could read me, he knew that there was danger, "Has someone hurt you?" He knew it, I slowly pulled the sunglasses away from my eyes "Who on this damned earth has done this?! I will kill them." I broke down, my eyes were waterfalls, with water crashing down my face. I shook my head. I can't tell him. I have to. "Ever since my mum started working abroad, my dad abused alcohol, and me, and my mum. If he has a few too many, he likes to use us to take out his anger. This isn't the worst i've had, actually, it's nothing to others." He looked concerned, he looked like he was going to run away, but he didn't.  "Your dad did this? What else has he done? You need help. Is this how your mum died?"

"Yes, it was my dad, it's not his fault, I agree he needs help. He usually uses his baseball bat or he'll kick and bite me, he doesn't do it everyday, but he doesn't let me eat. That's why i'm so thin, I eat at school and out where he can't find me. He wants me dead, just like my mum. One night they had a big argument and he hit her on the head with a whiskey glass. She died. We said it was suicide and we haven't ever mentioned it again."

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