Crimson Lipstick

i wrote this as i went along so i dont actually know what its about :L read and see :D


9. Kyle's house

I stayed at his house that night and I told him the rest of what my dad has done and he held me in his arms the whole time. When I finished, he went in for a kiss, but i shook my head. He understood. I fell asleep thinking of my father and Kyle wrapped his arms around me. im sure he was thinking of my father too.

The next morning, we got up and had a massive breakfast, with cereal AND toast with jam and butter! i felt like a queen! Kyle watched me eat my food, it was a bit awkward but i carried on until my stomach was full to the brim. After about ten minutes, his mum came down stairs, she's soo beautiful, she has these ice blue eyes and silky brown hair, and she is really nice as well, i guess that's where Kyle got it from. I wonder where his dad is, maybe he's just busy at work. I'm sure i'll meet him soon enough.


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