Crimson Lipstick

i wrote this as i went along so i dont actually know what its about :L read and see :D


3. after that

I walked to the local park the next day, wearing a touch of eyeliner and crimson lipstick, as usual! Also i had purple high tops, a black vest top and grey shorts on. As I walked through the yellow gate, I heard a girl shout behind me, "Hey emo freak, why are you out in the sunlight?" It was Ginah, Kyle's ex. She was a real.... well no words could explain how big headed and horrible she was. "Hey, Emo freak, im talking to you, answer me now!" I glared at her. "oh no! are you going to bite me emo freak? I'm so scared, I might have to run away!" The sarcasm in her voice was sickening.

"Oh for god's sake Ginah, go get an actual life, we're over, that's it okay? right. Now go away and leave Lola alone!"

I smiled at Kyle, not a big smile, just a smile. "Thanks for saving me then, I don't get what i've done to her to deserve this, but to be quite honest, I could'nt care less about what she says." He smiled his mysterious, lobsided grin again and I looked into his dark eyes, I couldn't see through him, its like there is a steel door blocking you from his thoughts.

"What are you thinking?" He asked in his deep voice, he looked into me, making my heart pound, like a butcher beating a pound of meat. "Im wondering what you're thinking, i can't see into you. Tell me, what are you thinking?"  I let my eyes wonder over to his. Locked. Our eyes met. He replied, "I was thinking that I'd rather be here than with Ginah when we were together and how you want to know what i'm thinking and that you  think you need to see into me, I'm nothing special, unlike you."  We both smiled

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