life, love, death

This is a story about two young lovers, one is moving away and one is moving up. life is hard and choices are harder, love is life and hate is death.

(this is a short 300 word story for a competiton, feedback needed) thanks


1. life

Freya and I have been together for two years now, yet it seems like forever. We are soul mates. When I first met her, it was love at first sight. She is beautiful, she has long ebony hair that feels like silk and shiny emerald eyes that I could gaze into forever and she has pale skin with a soft touch, but I don't love her for her looks, I love her for her personality, she is quite shy and secret, but when she is with me, she says everything on her mind, she has a wild imagination and she has a burning passion for music. She plays violin for a restaurant but I know she will get noticed by a big music industry soon and then she will be recognised all over the world. she is also polite and funny and she can cheer you up on the darkest of days, I love her!

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