One last breath

What to do if nobody accept you as you are?


2. The End

I'm standing once again on the cold metal railing. This time with Mark by my side. He's holding my hand while counting.

"One..." Lightnings are flashing over the sky again and again. Waiting for us to move. To do something. And we will. On three. Mark's constant keeping his eyes on me. Not to see if I'm changing my mind. More to just watch me a few seaconds more. I know. Cause I'm doing the same thing.

"Two..." Byebye bullies. I hope one of them too turn out being in love with a person of the same sex. Maybe then they'll find out what it is like.

"I love you" I wisper to him over the thounder. I'm sure he heres me cause he's miming the same thing back. His eyes are wet but he don't look like having any regrets. He's doing this with me. The river beneath us look inviting with all it's deadly waves. Hopefully it'll go quick. We wont feel a thing. And after we're dead we'll be in heaven together, forever. I look into his eyes one last time.



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