Jesscomp- Sewers magnified

This is for the top 5 movellas competition. The tale of a droplet that turns out to be the only green blip in the timeline of red, Enjoy propelled straight from the heart.


2. Tsunami


The droplet had found refuge in a coasting wave and the reminiscence envisage ended.


The droplet hummed in joy, now that it would finally smell the odor of soil, now that it would void from its blood.

The wave crested for one last time before thrusting into the legs of the four armed creatures. The crest was the hinge of realization for the droplet that it was the part of a Tsunami.

It bore upon the horrified eyes of humans and upon infiltration it could discern pure unadulterated fear, as they started dispersing as another wave of chaos lulled them to run.

The wave, flustered by the harrows of life dropped the ten feet and upon ending the plummet, the sun baked waters strangled it.

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