Jesscomp- Sewers magnified

This is for the top 5 movellas competition. The tale of a droplet that turns out to be the only green blip in the timeline of red, Enjoy propelled straight from the heart.


1. A toppled life


Hurdles hindered it, the banks made it meander. Yet unfazed and unperturbed, the wave pressed on. Heads poled from the horizon, it knew that it would again be baked by the sand and stones as it had been for years uncountable. As the wave dipped to crest again, flashes permeated into its liquid mind.


First, its birth, when it had been a part of the platoon that had invaded the earth. When it had slashed the battlements of the resisting air, when it had surged forth, only to become a millet studding onto a car’s windshield. The torrent had triumphed, the creature with arms had crashed into the water’s crib and the suction had driven the life out of them.


The droplet had watched as its nostalgia had drowned, the human souls hovered out of the dead carcasses. It had lingered for a second, wafting a vapor. Then it had plunged into the throng of its kith. Eons it had wandered, and the stories that flowed in its veins myriad.

It had watched an old lady dipping into the ocean in reverence and it had watched as the black shadowy waters fanged and clamped the old lady, executing the kill to the roar of its pals.

It had watched young lovers kissing, their eyes a swirling torment to the vices of the ocean. The droplet’s kindred souls had put a pincer in the yacht and had swashed to corpse the bodies.

It had seen lost souls wandering in dismay, and the contradictions of a life un placid torched its soul.

It was now a hounded soul, because it had refuted the idea 

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