I can't believe I did that


1. Where am I?

Where am I? I can hear the gushes of wind, a drip drop every two seconds and people crying in pain. Where am I? Why am I here? I look up to see a drip, connected to my arm, full of blood. A man is coming for me with a needle. What can I do? I scream just before the needle reaches my arm.
"What do you think your doing, get away from me!" I yelled, attracting everyone's attention.
"Good morning Lexi, how are you, can you sit back down so I can give you an injection please, thank you Lexi," he pronounced giving me a slightly annoyed frown. Oh! I get it, I am in a hospital.

Oh shit. It's my dads funeral at 9am today, I need to be there.
"Excuse me, what time is it?" I ask intrigued to find out the answer.
"Four o'clock, just in time for tea," he said, all calm and relaxed.

Does he not know what's going on?
"It's my dads funeral today and I've missed it! He will never forgive me from heaven." I bellow, bursting into tears. The doctor gives me an unsympathetic, awkward look.
"Lexi, it was your dads funeral three years ago!" he laughed, rocking backwards and forwards.
"What? I am confused, it's definitely today 2004 6th February," I yell completely unaware of what is happening.
"Lexi, it's 2007!" he said, beginning to look as confused as me.
I know he's pulling a prank, it can't be 2007! That is just crazy!
'Lexi, we need to do a few questions to find out about the consequences of your injury, so what do you remember happening last?'
'Being absolutely tipped at a nightclub with Fiona and Leona.'
'What is the full date?'
'6th February 2004'
'Ok thank you Lexi, my analysis shows that from your incident you have consequently suffered amnesia, blocking you from remembering the past three years'
I am confused, what accident? Amnesia? What? I'll ask later, I am just so excited to see Fiona and Leona again. But where are they? When Leona had broken her neck, we slept in a hospital bed next to hers so that we could look after her! Where are they for me?
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