The Monster i became of

I was neglected by all.Even in the times i was deathly ill they stayed away from me.I guess this is what gave me strength and power.This made me realise i didn't need anybody else and made me become a monster.


2. The Prince

I awaited for the prince carriage where he would be in it so i could kill him.Exactly,at midnight a golden carriage came i knew it was the royal carriage.I leaped onto the carriage and cut open the ceiling.The prince was staring at me.I pulled him out and shoved him against a tree the knife shining in my hand.

"Please don't kill me please i will give you anything money just please let me go"the prince whispered.

"No remember 3 years ago my father was strolling on the street when your father randomly selected him to be killed i was watching as your father tore open his throat and he lay dead"I replied a tear falling out of my eye.

"You're"the prince began to say.

"Yes i am"I whisper.

"Please,let me go please"he cries.I lift the knife but freeze as something won't let me kill him.

"You may go"I mumble.

Can I"the prince asked.

"Yes before i change my mind"I shout.

"Thank you i will never forget you i thank you with my life"the prince whispers giving my hand a kiss and running off.Why didn't i kill him,now he'll tell everyone who i am.I look ahead and walk off feeling ashamed.

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