My Sexual Intimacy

This is a story about a boy who is 15 years old, living in India, a society quite conservative and filled with the forms of parental pressure and less exposure to the world of sexual fantasy, sexual life and making of love with your girl at a particular stage of enough maturity. Even after struggling through these problems, he made his love with a girl he never expected and never thought of.

Read along this Seductively Attractive Love Story and feel the magic of love and love making! Also see how a simple Love story changed into a permanent spiritual connection that could never break!

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4. The Proposal (Contains Sexual Talk)


The next day I did not go to the school, maybe I was ill for a reason. That day, in the evening, I went to the facebook and was extremely glad to see her online. I noticed she had made her first facebook account today! I went on to chat with her. She told me how much she missed me in the bus today. Well I said that I missed her too. Soon, I was mad enough to get ready for a proposal which I was to make right there, that too online! (The way I never liked) I was nervous! I thought, “What if she said no?”

I went for a shot, I proposed her with a man’s usual feelings and false promises. She said “yes!” I was glad! Extremely glad! We went on talking sweet stuff all evening, and finally headed towards the talk, to which I pushed her!

I said, “You like physical?”

She said, “ummm...yaa...specially if its a guy like you! You are too hot for your age! Even if u are younger, I never feel the lack of maturity in you, not even in your looks and not even in your talks!”

I said, “yaa, I know that, so have you ever tasted a guy?”

She said, “Ya I did, once! You?”

I said, “I have done that allot!”

She said, “You would like to taste me?”

I said, “Well sure, but where? ;) “

She said, “LOL, its getting cheesy!”

I said, “I like it that way, so tell me, you want me to taste your lips, or...”

She said, “or what?!”

I said,  “Your body?”

She said, “I want you to suck my boobs! Hard!”

I was amazed, I had just got a cheesy girl like me! I never Expected that such a simple girl could turn out to be horny!

I said, “Oh sure, why not even go down? ;) “

She said, “Give me time for that! But don’t even wait a second more for my boobies! Just suck them hard! How about your dick?

I said, “Baby, its long and strong! ;) ”

She said, “No lie, I promise I will show you my boobies! But then you too show me your dick! I don’t know why, but I am feeling very comfortable to talk like this with you!”

I said, “you can always do that! And I promise that I will stick my Dick to your mouth!”

She said, “Oh wow! My house is going to be free after 2 weeks, and you live so close, you can always come then!”

I said, “yah sure, ok, I am going now, good night , love you baby!  

She said, “Love you too!!!”

That was great! I was going to get ready for the date next day and also waiting for the day 2 weeks after! I was not sure if she would show me her breasts, but still I hoped! I was shy about it! I had seen boobs before but had never shown someone my dick! So I just left it for the days to come, and had a good night sleep! 



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