My Sexual Intimacy

This is a story about a boy who is 15 years old, living in India, a society quite conservative and filled with the forms of parental pressure and less exposure to the world of sexual fantasy, sexual life and making of love with your girl at a particular stage of enough maturity. Even after struggling through these problems, he made his love with a girl he never expected and never thought of.

Read along this Seductively Attractive Love Story and feel the magic of love and love making! Also see how a simple Love story changed into a permanent spiritual connection that could never break!

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1. The Day I Saw Her



It was a bright, blissful and a bit rushy Monday morning, where I, considered to be a responsible student of Mumbai was getting ready for the school after a lazy couple of days spent on the weekend. My mother shouted at me again and again, to wake me up! I felt itchy and irritated, never wanted to get up for the day ahead. My back ached, my eyes barely opened and my ass never stood up from the comfy bed. Soon, I wretched my way through the washroom and got ready to go to my bus stop.

I was a very popular guy in the school, people(rather girls) hated me to death, or loved me to the bed! I had dated so many bitches, and had even broken their heart so many times on the subject of love, that I was given the tag of a ‘playboy’ back on my name. I was handsome and looked older than my age. Even older girls were mad about me and I was called quite often by the principal for my name on the physical love letters! I had kissed a dozen girls, but till date never ever allowed a girl to go forward, even when they were all ready with their clothes off in front my eyes and with no one around! Yes, I may be called as a bad guy, but never went short of my rules. I studied hard and never got serious in relationships, maybe that is why people hated me a bit.

My bus finally came in front of me, saw the faces of my idiotic friends and soon got mentally ready to go to my study ground, my school. I heard the bus driver yelling about a few new students he had to pick up from my town, but I never really gave importance to it.

I felt the bus stopping for a moment in a new place, where I saw the new students coming up the bus, me least interested in the new guys and suddenly my eyes went on a very simple girl coming up. She had well tied hair, neat looking, a bit lip gloss on her mouth and well dressed. Seeing her, I don’t know really why, I spoke up in a very shallow voice...  

...“WOW!”  And there I got it all. She looked so simple in reference to my ex-girlfriends, but still I had my sparkling eye on her. I knew she was 2 years older to me, but then, at that wonderful moment, nothing mattered to me, but just seeing her as she made her way to the seat, she was so nice!  

As me and my friends rushed up to the class, I soon regained my senses, got control over my mind and settled down that she is too simple a girl, she won’t mix up with me, and she is even 2 years elder to me! (Although I knew I had dated a girl 2 years elder to me once before).

I never knew what was for me ahead, but I just hoped, as for that moment, that my day goes blissful!


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