My Sexual Intimacy

This is a story about a boy who is 15 years old, living in India, a society quite conservative and filled with the forms of parental pressure and less exposure to the world of sexual fantasy, sexual life and making of love with your girl at a particular stage of enough maturity. Even after struggling through these problems, he made his love with a girl he never expected and never thought of.

Read along this Seductively Attractive Love Story and feel the magic of love and love making! Also see how a simple Love story changed into a permanent spiritual connection that could never break!

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2. The Day I Met Her


2 months passed after the day I had felt something about her. I had gone through a lot in those two months. My exams had got over, I had had enough parties, my results were great, had become the blue eyed boy of the principal and had dated 2 more girls already.

It was just another tiring day at school and I was leading my way back home in the bus, with a couple of songs my friends were singing, from which I had got pretty bored! I saw that girl sitting alone on one side, away from the boys at the back, looking outside the window with a sigh of some deep thought.

I kept gazing at her for 5 minutes from the back seat, and finally made my way to her and asked with a hitch bubbling my throat, “Hey, ummmm...can I sit here?” She was surprised as much I understood from her facial reaction. She saw around for a second, maybe to make sure that I had asked her only, and said, “ya, sure!”  I sat next to her and introduced myself a bit. For a change I was really nervous in front of her, and even shockingly feeling shy! She told me that her name was ‘Lavanya Bajaj’ and she had come recently from Delhi(which was my native city too) two months ago. I asked her about herself and made my mouth slip to a bit flirty words to see the pink shiny blush on her face. She too felt shy and was excited pretty much to talk to me. She knew I was 2 years younger to her, but still she got along me, as far as that moment, just fine!

I was too happy that day! I thought about her smile all evening, and never even gave a glimpse to my notes which I had to read. It was different! I was amazed how a guy like me(playboy) could be excited for a girl so simple. Well, I just waited for the next day in the bus, and wished deep in my heart that I could meet her tomorrow too and see her smile again! 

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