My Sexual Intimacy

This is a story about a boy who is 15 years old, living in India, a society quite conservative and filled with the forms of parental pressure and less exposure to the world of sexual fantasy, sexual life and making of love with your girl at a particular stage of enough maturity. Even after struggling through these problems, he made his love with a girl he never expected and never thought of.

Read along this Seductively Attractive Love Story and feel the magic of love and love making! Also see how a simple Love story changed into a permanent spiritual connection that could never break!

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3. "I Thought About You!"


I had been talking to her since many days by now and I was really confused! My head was blocked! I had never gone through such stuff which people call “Love At First Site!” It was difficult for me to digest it. Then soon I broke my decency and swore to god that I will not get distracted. I will make her my girlfriend, use her for a month, and then leave her for good. Let it hurt her, and I thought I just don’t care about her.

The next day while returning back home in the bus, I flirted with her voraciously, and stupidly tried to bring her close to a friend and indicated that he liked her. I told her to see him well, and tell me if she likes him or not. It was funny that I did not want her to get hurt, so I was trying to get her close with my friend.

The next day, at almost the same timing, I asked her, “So, Did you think about him? You like him?” She with a silence of about 20 seconds said, “No...ummmm....I just thought about you!”

I just Gulped!!! I was shocked!!! Without any effort made by me, she was just running towards me! I was still for a moment or two, but gave her that seductive smile soon after. She was happy, I could see that and she felt extremely shy too!

As soon as she was getting off the bus, I was amazed to see her telling the bus driver to wait for a second, she came back towards me and said “Bye Aryan! Meet you tomorrow!” It was lovely I must say!!

As I had expected, my friends came over my seat to tease me and I was showing them my funny, dull and angry reaction! :P

I was in a mood to tell her all, what I felt about her, but still wanted to wait for a while before I melt her heart.


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