Kiss Me

Have you ever wondered what happens once you die. Well I know. But I'm only going to tell you one thing, you still feel love, and that's the hardest thing you'll have to let go of.

UPDATE: I've added one last chapter and I hope you like the final closure, because it closed it really well for me. Thanks for everything.


2. Talk To Me.

There are all these theories about death, afterlife, reincarnation and ghosts. Well I don't think any of them are true, sure the closest is probably ghosts but I don't think I'm one of them either. I think I'm just an energy, lingering.

Anyway. Lucas hasn't had big news ever. I mean we live in a small town outside of Washington. The school only has around 500 kids and the closest thing we have to a celebrity is Mrs Atkins and her amazing, town renowned bakery. Well this news was big, even I know that. I mean it's not everyday you get told your girlfriend of three years has died. Well this is how he took it. Grace was shaking and it took all she could to keep staring at her son but she did, she waited. After a few minutes Lucas opened his mouth, then closed it again. He didn't say anything and Grace left, still shaken up. "She's dead." He whispered, I could see his pain and feel his hurt in my heart. I had gone, I had died. I had ruined him. I ran, down the stairs out the house and dropped on the steps at his door. I couldn't face this. It wasn't dying that hurt, it was trying to let go that hurt. I had died but a part of me was alive, love is a strong feeling. It's one of the strongest ties to this Earth and I was still tied down. I needed to be released. If I could have, I would have screamed but instead I just sat, I watched the sun rise and heard the world awake. It must have been two hours I sat there, waiting for release. Brad opened the door and walked away, no looks back, no waves or smiles. I knew I had to go, had to comfort him. Even if he didn't know I was there. I climbed the stairs and slowly paced my way to Lucas. He was sat on his bed, staring at the ceiling. I went to his side, if I was alive he would have been able to feel my breath on his cheek but I wasn't. 


For the next three days I stayed in that same place. I thought about everything. Lucas must have too because he didn't move, he didn't eat and he didn't seem to close his eyes for a second. I thought about me, I thought that if I'm an energy, a lingering source of love then there had to be some way I could get through to Lucas. On Saturday morning, the rain was freezing and the hail began to fall, I pulled away. I walked from the bedside and over to the desk. I stared at the blank notebook. It wasn't any notebook, it was the one I'd been staring at in the town book shop for months. It was a Christmas present I'd never receive. I reached out to touch it and saw a misty pink hand which was clearly mine. I was more than energy, the love was supporting the rest of me. I felt the leather cover brush my finger tips and knew there was a way. I reached for the pen on the edge of the desk and scribble a note. I closed the book and threw it. My aim had never been good but somehow I got target. Right in Lucas' lap. He sat up startled. I saw his usual confused face that he had when we had chemistry, any other time I would have laughed. He looked around then brought the notebook into his hands. Turned the first page and for the first time since the news, I saw hope.

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