Kiss Me

Have you ever wondered what happens once you die. Well I know. But I'm only going to tell you one thing, you still feel love, and that's the hardest thing you'll have to let go of.

UPDATE: I've added one last chapter and I hope you like the final closure, because it closed it really well for me. Thanks for everything.


3. Seeing Me.

He stares at the page, I can see his eyes tracing my easy penmanship. I can feel something inside me. It can't be though, I'm dead, I shouldn't feel my heart fluttering wildly like it always did around Lucas. I kept watching, I couldn't stop. He finally looked around his room, still confused, because well if you were sent a message by a dead person you'd be confused, but also frantic. "Kat, Kat are you here?" He asked, he was frantic and excited. I was happy, happier than I should have been for someone dead. Then the dead caught up. How was I supposed to respond to this. I took a tentative step towards Lucas, one hand outstretched. When the tips of my fingers were a mere inch away from his I stopped. I couldn't do this, what if it didn't work. My heart and love may be supporting my 'ghost' but it would never have a charge and energy which would reach him. But what's life, and afterlife, without a little optimism. I took that last step and there was an energy, there was a charge. For a fleeting second I was sure he could see me but before I could be sure the energy overpowered me and I pulled away, feeling drained, feeling more dead than ever. Lucas fell back too. now he was sat on the edge of the bed while I cowered against the wall. I looked over, cautious, and sure enough Lucas was staring at me. But not really me, just the space where I was stood, waiting to see if it was me. "Kat, if you're there I want you to know I saw you. I don't know what's happening but I did." He spoke no louder than a whisper but I heard it. I smiled to myself, well I think I did. I didn't move though, I don't know if it was fear that I would fail myself or fear it would  work and I become too optimistic. Either way all I did was watch. I watched his face drop more and more when his hope began to fade and I watched his eyes, those eyes. The were still glistening but with each second a darkness fell across the bright. It felt like an eternity, and being dead it could have been, but only minutes passed and I counted each, growing stronger still. After ten minutes I could feel it again, the pull, the energy, the charge and I rose. I took the steps closer to Lucas more freely and more willingly. I did not hesitate at the thought of touch but hungered for it. When I finally felt the warmth of a living heart I knew I was more than just a ghost. When the charge was too powering I didn't pull back but grew fuller. I didn't cower when his eyes fell on me and the smile returned to his face. I smiled back, and, if I had been more, I am sure a tear would have escaped.

We stood like this, I was scared to speak, scared to move. He seemed shocked, too shocked to really register anything. It was nice this way, more was said than had I actually opened my mouth. He broke the silence "Kat, is this really you?" His voice was cautious and made me feel insecure, did he doubt me? No, he doubted himself. I nodded, slowly and calmly while inside I was screaming; that's what girls do though, the have this fake front while they secretly hide it all. "Kat, h-how did y-you get li-like this?" What a stupid question, he knew the facts, the answer. I smiled weakly at his bright face, did he really want to hear me speak the words. "I died Lucas. I died." I mouthed. My voice seemed frozen. Maybe dead people can't speak.

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